Seaside Story

Dobre den.
Semalam pergi merayau-rayau bersama Kak Rika & Joo Ann di Sevastopol. A seaside town by the Black Sea. Hajatnya hendak melayan blues. So armed with some cash for bus ticket and a digicam, off we went.

Although the town is only an hour and a half drive away, the last time I was there was 5 years ago. (Setengah dekad dah aku kat sini? Kawen pun anak dah masuk tadika ok?) So jalan dia pun ingat2 lupa. I remember it’s a historical town, where the Crimean War took place, lots of casualties hence the erection (I’m not sure if the word is appropriate but I’m too lazy to go all thesaurus on you guys) of maaaaany statues and the buildings were arranged in a way that you felt that you’re on some Hollywood movie set. In a word, Sevastopol is sangat cantik. (That’s two words, I know).


The highlight of the trip was the excursion to the Panorama, the museum which preserved the tragedy of Crimean War. Educational abess trip kitorang ni. Nampak laa a couple of smart looking couple (original abeh laa ayat) pun ada joined the excursion. Boring sangat dah kot with lunch dates or the occasional movie trip last2 “yang, jom gi tgk muzium. History turns me on, babeh.” Hehe.

We proceeded on to raid the stores. Actually takde laa nak shopping sgt pun but masuk MNG je I snatched up a jacket. Kak Rika clucked her tongue and started listing all the jackets that I own. In her own words, “Jackets sealmari, balik2 pakai Nike ni jugak. Apa nak jadi?” Nak buat macam mana cause it’s the only one yang I feel comfy in to lompat, lari, joget, bend backward forward in.  Terngiang-ngiang di telinga wasiat Masy and Eid before they left for Spain “Kak Rika, jangan bagi minah ni potong rambut dan beli jaket tau!” Wahhaha, guess it was all in vain, eh?

The day continued as we took a stroll along the port. Subhanallah, sgt2 cantik, with the setting sun as the background. Sesuai sangat laa kalu nak layan blues sorang2, jiwang berdue, tak pun merendek bertige.


Btw, check out the Veronicas. Their song genre is not much to go crazy about, teen pop/angst similar to the likes of Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, bla bla. Guess I’m too a prude kot takleh terima set2 ni, but the Veronicas’ Untouched was wow. I have a thing for songs which has a symphony-like aura in it. Like The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. I could put that song on repeat all day. And Utada Hikki’s Flavor of Life. Sigh. Beautiful sound.

And somebody labelled me old school for putting Oasis in my Friendster’s fave music column. Imagine if I list up Ben. E. King along with A. Ramli. Ancient kah aku?

While at that, google up The Bucket List. The plotline is some kind of sad I even cried after reading only the synopsis. I can’t imagine watching the real thing.

I leave you with a quote from Tolstoy, Russian novelist (the dude who wrote Anna Karenina. One tragic stuff. Read it).

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~ Tolstoy L.N.


5 thoughts on “Seaside Story

  1. staind says:

    aii.. been trying 2 comment u 4 a few time, but dunno wat happen, page error.. jz wanna say dat i like dat song bittersweet symphony too.. 🙂

  2. LaiLy says:

    dalilah: o yeah you’d be surprised to know how many feel exactly that way about themselves. hahha. history turns you on, babe? dammit, i knew i shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the class kat skolah dulu! 😛

    eddie: wahhahha shadappp. kekkeke. tade, i told you i’m in withdrawal phase. 😀

    staind: that’s why laaa tang ada wordpress sucks ass. i heart bittersweet symphony. we adik beradik mestilah have the same great taste kan? 😉

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