Selamat Tahun Baru 1429

What do you know, we could actually have fun dekat bumi Simferopol yang sunggoh kuno ini. Don’t take my word for it, go out there and experience it yourself!

Ice Skating.
It’s been around for quite a while already, since it made its debut last winter. (Contrary to popular beliefs, ice skating is purely seasonal. Tak la cam kat Mesia tu hari2 buleh pi lango kat Pyramid). Now, for the six years I’ve been suffering from the cold harsh winter kat sini, I’ve never once considered skating. Why? Cause it’s suicidal, that’s why.

When Eid and Masy were hell bent to craft me into the latest Michelle Kwan, I knew it only meant I’m drawing closer to my death. Instead of revealing my hidden talent in skating, I found out I am quite proficient in another area: screaming. I have quite a pair of lungs, mind you.

Eid, Masy and Syaima were very patient with me. Kak Rika wasn’t doing any better. In fact, it made me feel slightly relieved that I wasn’t the only one looking like I lost half my brain over there on the ice. Hehe. At one time, while Eid was maneuvering Kak Rika, and the older girl chanted “Oh my god, oh my God” incessantly, a passerby outside the rink who had obviously heard Kak Rika, started mocking with “Oh my God, oh my God, oh yessss, oh yessss.” Watch porn much? I swear if I wasn’t seriously worrying about my heart condition, I would so totally laugh my ass off on the ice. Hehe. I love you too, Kak Rika.

Cun kan awek kat belakang tu?

Despite my heart being tachycardic and my lungs hyperventilating, I hadn’t had that much fun in awhile. In that way that you’re absolutely terrified for your life (I know, exaggerating is my main forte), your face pale and your heartbeat’s erratic, but the adrenaline pump makes it all worthwhile. Also the fact that you have some of the most awesome friends to personally tie your shoestrings (I dunno, I become all babyish and whiny when I’m scared so sue me. Hah!) and to escort you around the rink when they can go off to do their thing, it’s just, aww. 

So no, I didn’t end up breathing in and out of a paper bag, although I reckon I was nearly close to. Hehe.

While still being high on the adrenaline (and also euphoria, pathological I tell you), we tried to navigate ourselves back home. Navigating reads jumping on the wrong mashrut (five of us and you’d think at least one of us would recognize the wrong number), getting off in the middle of nowhere (actually, on the way to a verrrrryyy far hospital, Titova, the one that I whined about two entries back), nowhere being anywhere near our district, waited forever for the right mashrut to appear, only to remember that it’s almost 10pm and nobody commutes to any hospital at 10 in the evening. Walked a few blocks to the bus stop, which seemed farther away in the ice and heavy coldness, while laughing like a bunch of budak2 hilang skru all the way. If it weren’t for the tudongs, I bet onlookers would blame it on the alcohol (cause Russians are so prejudiced, they don’t know some Malaysian tudong girls like to get jiggy wit it in the nearest taman tasik on the map).  

Muka mabuk ais and couldn’t careless about being sesat.

Got home, safe and sound, plus almost-necrotized fingers and toes.

Selamat Tahun Baru 1429, ya akhi, ya ukhti. May we be a year wiser. Insya Allah.

Beloved, gaze in thine own heart.
Gaze no more in the bitter glass
The demons, with their subtle guile.
Lift up before us when they pass ~ WB Yeats, The Two Trees


3 thoughts on “Selamat Tahun Baru 1429

  1. amal says:

    i can imagine you skating like a cute tiny penguin learning how to walk on ice! I bet you fell a dozen times! hahahahah

    damn, i miss winter!

    here it’s winter alright… with rain!!! 😦

  2. i wanna go ice skating tooo~ n skiing n snowboarding…huh, tingginyer u can go ice skating all year round, i have olympic ice stadium in my backyard nut outdoor ice skating? dat’s purely seasonal i agree hehe

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