Of New Year & Healthy Health Minister

Some say bloggers who blog about themselves are self-obsessed. When it may be true, but since this piece of 2GB land is mine, takkan aku nak blog pasal Saleh Yaacob pulak kot?

So, please let me self-obsess, even if it’s for 10 minutes per week.

I hate January, to the extend if it’s an inanimate physical object, I would set it up so I could throw darts at it. So what if it’s the first month of the new calendar? It’s still friggin subzero in January! To get to class tadi, I waited in -6 windy temperature to fetch a mashrut, only for it to never appeared! Boleh tak, public transport suka-suka hati nak extend New Year punya cuti. Dahla the only exact No. 81 mashrut, nombor lain ada je. Hari aku nak kena pakai 81 laa kan drivers seme pakat2 tanni and hangover?

Needless to say after arriving at class minus 20 grives (kampit nye drebar teksi. Suka2 ati je nak mark-up, mentang2 mashrut takde), I was ready to belasah somebody. Tgk2 cekgu pulak lambat, the weather wasn’t getting any warmer, and the makcik tukang jaga faculty ckp most won’t show up today, cause org dok celebrate lagi. Apakah?

But yes, macam biasa, sekejap je rasa nak belasah orang.

And the case of DVD aksi hangat? When the Health Minister is too healthy, you get another porn to watch. Lucky Malaysians.

Have you watched The Invasion?
1. Nicole Kidman is fine. Yeah.
2. Do they really walk around the house bra-less, in transparent top and pants, G-string poking out within vicinity of their 5-year-olds?
3. Oliver, Nicole Kidman’s on-screen son is so adorable! Sandy blond hair and big big brown eyes, and how he really really realllly sayang his mom had me going ‘awwww’.

Hehe, tu je sebonarnye. A chance for you to ogle at Nicole Kidman. Other than that the plot is well, acceptable, ada laa lebih kurang macam ‘I Am Legend’ jugak. But to get you reeling on your seat tu, tak laa.

Saja je. Happy 2008, people. May this one be better than the last.

F. M. Knowles, A Cheerful Year Book
He who breaks a resolution is a weakling; He who makes one is a fool.


2 thoughts on “Of New Year & Healthy Health Minister

  1. staind says:

    hey there sis..
    -sorry for da late reply..
    -i know dat its a bit late but still i wanna wish you a great new year ahead..
    -yeah.. i do read ur blog.. know bit bout ur life there oledi.. heh2..
    -mish u 2 sis..
    -yup.. who noes where our other half might be..
    should we just wait or should we go to seek for them? that’s another question..
    -neway, take good care of urself cz i bet it’s very cold when da T is -6 C rite..
    -okie till then..

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