Pet Peeves

1. Drivers stopping at the zebra crossing while I was trying to walk across it.

2. Subzero temperature. (Annoyed at mother nature. Nobody can get any weirder than I do).

3. Russian pre-menopausal makciks screaming over basically nothing.

4. Idiotic, belligerent group of manusia who fight over nothing, or everything, despite the possibility of co-existing based on achieving common goodness.

5. An episode of Bleach ending right when it reaches the climax. Kubo Tite yang sengal.

6. Impolite people who are stingy with ‘thank yous’.

I was checking my cousin’s Friendster profile during one of those rare log-in trips when I decided to launch a menggatai era of my own. Really, I feel like it’s time I stop being an old prune and broaden my horizon by… by… by what? By menggatal-ing?

You can’t exactly classify cajoling your cousin into introducing his cute, eligible ex-classmate as menggataling right?

I don’t know what have gotten into me. I swear, it must be the tap water.

In the end, I chickened out. Right after he told me to ‘pegi je laaa add mamat tu. Itu pun nak kena ajar ke?’.

Other than the failed attempt at Flirting 101, this week has been crowned as The Week Laily Lost 10 Pounds (as if!). I walked the total of eight miles, ran another 3 (I think) and did almost a hundred sit-ups. Maybe it’s a walk in the park to the muscle-bound, athletic people who are obsessed with getting their heart hypertrophied, but to a girl who insists on naik kete to buy taugeh kat kedai belakang rumah, it was like conquering the Everest. Okay, I jest. Or, more or less.

If you think I voluntarily put myself up for the physical strain (torture), you’re sadly mistaken. It was my trip to and fro the hospital and for my PT reworking. Haih.

Hence the birth of Pet Peeve #1 and #2.
Really, walking for miles in subzero temperature could do wonders to your body, and your temper too.

I really should refrain from discussing politics (since I’ve learnt that it results to a pointless nothing) but I couldn’t help mentioning Bhutto’s assassination (may her soul rest in peace). I guess the word ‘negotiation’ is really lost to the self-claimed world leaders nowadays. Get yourself an M16 or a TNT (if you feel up to witness some firework displays) and voila, the job is done. Ding Dong, the witch is dead. (No pun intended, sumpah).

And I found out that I am ambidextrous! Cayala (gave myself a pat on the back). I’m a lefty writer by nature, by I always failed to notice how I do other stuff with the other counterpart. I began to realise it after Shashi screamed in frustration when I switched the badminton racquet yet again to another hand, resulting in delayed reflex, which ended up with the shuttlecock hitting my nose instead of being swatted gracefully back across the court by yours truly. We lost that game and needless to say, Shashi’s face combusted into several interesting shade of red and blue. 😀 

Oh, the joy of being random.

And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
and love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah ~ Jeff Buckley.


One thought on “Pet Peeves

  1. soul says:

    ngeh ngeh~yer cik laily..sayelah stalker yg dok baca senyap2 blog cik laily aarr…erk?ada bau ka itu kusyen?apa susah?semboq febreeze ja laa…hehe.

    p/s : cousin’s ex-classmate? ex-classmate alip ka?hehe..kompem chek kenai nihh..hihi.

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