Ya Vas Liubliu Da Konsa Jizhni

Remember when I said turning 23 wasn’t such a big deal to me? Apparently, it was, to a few others.

Lovely lovely Masyitah and Kak Rika, they threw a makan-makan for both Eid and I.

How sweet is that?

They were very into the planning, although it was inevitable that we would find out about it since we’re living together and everything. Siap ada warna tema lagey yewww. Black and pink. Kak Rika dove into the immaculate details; she even had invitation cards drawn eventhough the semester is ending. Rajin people they are. Masy took care of the menu and it was unanimously decided it was going to be a mee soto affair.

L-R: Bergedil yang sunggoh degil utk digoreng, til Masy skettt lagi nak nangeh. Fruit custard. Mango dadih, measurement and deco done by meticulously meticulous Eid. (Kalu ada pipet makmal kimia kat umah ni dah lama dah aku rasa dia guna)


Pihak penganjur *XOXO ni men* =D


L-R: Kak Linda, Guna, Joo Ann, Shashi, wo, Pavs


L-R: Aina, Masy, wo, Yeen and squatting Eid


Acara memotong kek (rasa cam kawen lak pegang pisau berdueee. Wahhaha).

So many people came, nebes jap diriku yang antisocial nih. Nevertheless, thank you for memeriahkan suasana, thank you for the presents and definitely thank you for the beautiful friendship.

P/S: Dedication kat Sol yg membaca sonyap2, spread kusyen kitorg ni bau soto oiii. 😛


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