Twenty-three Candles

Every year you just grow vainer (I think. Superlatives and I don’t eat dinner together).

I cut down my trips to check the fridge that day. I didn’t mind Kak Rika pulling me around rinak sampai kaki rasa nak tercabut. I resisted peeking into the oven. Buat bodo and pretended not to hear Kak Rika and Eid’s phone conversation sedangkan Kak Rika was sitting next to me in the mashrut.

I knew the cake was in Eid and Masy’s room. Cause takde dlm oven (I couldn’t help it, ok? Not like they barricaded the handle or something!) I knew the reason I had blisters on my heels cause the cake was taking its own sweet time to bake. And they were slick. Not even a ladle unwashed. Not even a single flick of flour. They improved by a milestone this year.

Turning 23 is not that much of a deal. I was past the legal age, so the excitement just faded by each year. It just serves as a constant reminder that I’m getting a year older, not necessarily a year wiser. But it’s great to be used as a reason to get fat over chocolate cheese cake AND chocolate banana cake (yes, two sinfully, lusciously irresistable chocolate cakes in ONE day) plus the presents are always a welcome addition πŸ˜€

It doesn’t take much to get this girl happy: all the important people were there, and for that, I’m grateful. Kievskaya 153, Grupa 504, ya vas liublu da konsa jizhni.

we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life’s not a paragraph

P/S – Thank you for your SMS-es and calls. My credit ran out so if I haven’t replied, I’d be sure to once I top up. Hehe.


7 thoughts on “Twenty-three Candles

  1. amal says:

    I was at this Kg Org Asli at Slim River the whole day and didn’t have any signal at all!



    I wish some day my birthday present would be bringing you to KK for a good water rafting and mount climbing!

    Come back quick!

  2. bday anda kah?
    njoy ur 23rd yr for in 12 months u’ll be 24 n it feels so old (i feel so~) wats more wit ur high school clasmet all getting married one after another n u still single n not looking…not dat i mind hehe but relatives can be super —- (fill da blank)

  3. hope i am not too late to wish you Happy Birthday. huhu.

    happy blated Birtdhday babe. Welcome to the club. Heheh.

    Hope you had a blast!

    xoxoxo —- heheh. read: gedik but sure means a lot =)

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