La Tahzan!

Today was the second time I had to samak since that time when a dog tried to cuddle up with an unsuspecting Dik Cerdas reader (aku ler tu) at our local bookshop. That puppy licked my calf from behind (zaman pakai steng and Garfield t-shirt) kononnya nak manja-manja, but got the scare of his life when he heard my deafening scream. He ought to be scarred for life, I presume.

As for today, I came in contact with the second obligatorily-samak animal. From the family of swine of course. Dalam situasi norma, maybe laa terpegang kulit babi when you’re shoe shopping, or probably the daging in the event of an annual visit to the wet market (ye la setahun skali pi market tak kenai la mana satu daging lembu ka, babi ka, beruang ka), tak pun professionals like vets or PETA workers (err, are pigs subjected to manhandling?). But nooo, I couldn’t just settle for skin tak pun daging, I went straight for the eyeball, or in my case, the crystalline lens. Of a pig. Go figure.

When I thought our syllabus couldn’t get any weirder.

Ophthalmo upsets me. The kind that renders me quiet, clueless, and staring off into space more than a couple of times daily. I don’t know if it’s all ophthalmo, and I’m even puzzled as to why I’m sharing this.

I realized being upset is uncool. Maybe my facial muscles had never failed me before in the past, so I was intrigued when amoi asked, “Laily, are you ok? You don’t look yourself today.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“No smile. Are you upset?”

Had I really never gone a day without smiling? Ever?

And just like that, amoi got me to smile.

Speaking of amoi, I woke up at 530 today, y’all. Awal tak awal. All because I love her so much I was up even before the sun itself to cook nasik lemak (which she had waited and demanded for the last four years) for breakfast. But it was all worth it to see that smile on her face, you know, the one that feels like you have just been huggled? And I hutang Masyitah chicken pau (dah pat bulan dah. Mati aku.) and I think cake for Shashi. *piak dahi*.


Time for a pesanan penaja slot: Sila la download NFS Pro Street OST. Tune to TV on the Radio’s Wolf Like Me and Toxic Avenger’s Escape. Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Kiss Kiss pun masyuk abess. Tak yah gi Zouk (or in Simferopol’s case: Metro?) anda sudah boleh terkinja-kinja at the comfort of your home.

Kenapa Estranged bunyik Incubus sangat? Nevertheless, saya berazam untuk blajar Itu Kamu, so dapat jerit-jerit ngan Adam this summer.

Kau terindah
Masih ada
Yang tercantik
Itu kamu 😀

Just a tiny revelation: Rufus Humphrey is fine, isn’t he? Yes, when I should be after the younger, cuter Nate and Dan, I go after their daddies. Hehe.

Nah. Upset? So five minutes ago.

Have We not expanded your chest?
And taken from you your burden
Which press heavily upon your back
And exalted for you your esteem
Surely with difficulty is ease
With difficulty is surely ease
So when you are free, nominate
And make your Lord your exclusive object ~ Al-Insyirah 1-8


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