Pape je laaa.

Update from this side of the earth:

1 – I was actually busy with classes (whoa! + finally!) after about a whole sem of lepaking with kacang subjects. Forensic really kicked me hard in the backside, what’s with the stench (none that can be masked by minyak kapak or three layers of surgical mask, so why bother at all?), plus the body dumpings (yes, they do have that many corpses daily in the morgue, and Simferopol does not even belong in the same zipcode as the NYC), minus the appetite (really, it was all an exaggeration. I ate my French toast fine je after class. Lapar beb. Greenish stomach content or not.), multiply by substitute cekgu yang chenge, divided by takleh konsentret study sebab asyek nak baca NejiTen fics, so.

2 – I honestly think right here in CSMU, thousands and thousands miles away from homeland, is where interracial unity is really defined.

3 – Subzero temperature = increased appetite = increased thickness of subcutaneous fat tissue = nak terjun bangunan.

4 – One could lose a whole battalion in the jungle that is Ronaldo’s hair.

5 – I just learned the meaning of XOXO (apparently known as Hugs and Kisses, according to Wiki) a few weeks back, after a serious group study of Gossip Girl. To conclude, either I was just that ignorant, or I skipped high school (highly unlikely), or a clear indicator that aku takla segedik mana if I wasn’t even acquainted to such a generic gedik term. Haha, no offense to faithful XOXO subscribers out there.

6 – Therefore, in order to complete the cycle of being a fully grown young woman, we (being my housemates and I) believe that we have to at least feel the nuance of gedikness. Don’t be surprised if terms such as ‘OMG, she’s so mengada!’ or God forbid, ‘XOXO’, start gracing this blog.

7 – Given a situation: Kak Rika was watching something on her laptop with her headphone on. Kak Rika burst out laughing tahap tak boleh blah. Kak Rika grinned macam orang tak betul throughout the whole movie. Kak Rika was actually watching ‘Petua Mencari Jodoh’.

And guess what, cause she looked like she was having so much fun, I watched it too. *Bangs head*

Noooo, nice souls out there, that does not translate into ‘pleasepleaseplease register me for’.

On the reals, D/atuk M/asyitah I/brahim & D/atuk F/adzilah K/amsah were so much fun to listen to. They crack people up for business, I swear. Especially Datuk Masyitah. Or maybe I could relate to her what’s with being the same owner of double-x chromosomes. How could a famous panelist making fun of Fair & Lovely commercials not funny? Some of the remarks on the opposite sex are impertinant, but overall it was a feel-good, pecah-perut time, you wouldn’t even realise you’ve spent an hour plus listening to a forum.

All saps of jodoh and mandi bungas aside,

“Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.”
~ Shakespeare’s Sonnet116

8 – Alicia Keys’ and John Mayer’s Lesson Learned is love.

9 – Don’t sleep in the car/room if your heater/air-cond is broken. You may not wake up again. Bukan pesanan dari Kementerian Kesihatan.

10 – Lagi sebulan cuti!


4 thoughts on “Pape je laaa.

  1. hye…been stalking ur blog for so long…love ur writings, never fails to make me laugh n think…linked ur blog to mine if u dun mind…salam perkenalan from calgary~

  2. hey there, ppl said being stalked is nothing pleasant, but i beg to differ! makes me somewhat dorkily happy that somebody does read into my useless ramblings. link up, thank you, the honor is mine. thank you again, and i’ve linked you up too, if you don’t mind. salam from crimea 🙂

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