Squeeing moments

Ish, tak sabo-sabo ler kome ni.
Eden rasa macam pemalas dua tiga menjak ni. Kang aku blog pasal politik kang kome terkejut.
Kalu aku blog pasal tauhid lagi le kome tersedak. Hehe.
Anyway, this entry is specially dedicated to Nore and Eddie, cause I know how fanatic a fan Nore is of AC, and how Eddie likes to rub it on my face so tada! Sumpah ok I went and pergi tengok Kaka!

It’s been what, 3 weeks since the match? So I could barely remember the details. Yang pasti, the end result was 3-0 in favor of AC Milan (duh).

That night was decisively indescribable. Definitely not one of my most rationally-thought moments. We stood in the cold -5 degree weather for the whole four hours. Hilang akal ape?


The venue. Ni pukol 2 ptg, so still empty.


The match shawl/banner. Pendek jugak ye saya ni? (DON’T! Answer that.)


With Shashi, who was converted into a Shakhtar fan overnight. Heh heh. Sengalla Aaron, I told you to amik gambar with Kaka as the backdrop, not the pakcik guard!

And for the squee moments… Pardon the photo quality. Tunggu I buy SLR and change my profession into a paparazzi.


GATUSSO. Arghhhh!!!!


That, my friend, is the No. 9, Inzaghi. I got another one of him stripping down his pants. But in keeping to the blog’s PG-13 rating, I have to refrain from putting it up. 2 minutes later, he scored the first goal. Golden kaki-topup, they say.


Captain Abang Maldini taking a break with 40% glucose solution.


And finally, KAKA. *Squeals!!!!* Hahha. Pugunan had a bad case of frostbite so nak tekan snap button, he went and tekang butang off. Sedih. Sungguh blur.

Yes, if Kaka farted on the field, I would have smelled him. I was that freaking close.

Original price printed on the ticket: 7 griven. I paid mine (which happened to be the first row behind AC’s bench, gempak tak gempak seat aku wooo) for 250 griven (roughly 50 bucks). Hilang akal… Hilang akal.… But we felt better after learning the fact that the Ukrainian guy sitting next to us paid 500 griven (100 bucks) for his ticket. Huahua.

We had to pretend to be a Shakhtar fan for safety purposes. Football fans (actually, all kinds of sports la, maybe ping pong and batu seremban je are excluded) worldwide are known for their rowdy behavior (which was proven fatal in Lazio game last week), so we had to keep our tabs on home. All mementos of AC were shoved deep into our bagpacks. Match shawl tu pun, we wore the Shakhtar side. If we wanted to go back in one piece, that is.

But yeah, Shakhtar was pretty good. I was honestly disappointed with the ref, nampak sangat in favor of AC. I bet he was kneed in the gut right after the game. Haha.

Besides, I was the only tudong-wearing girl in the stadium. Ralat kejap.

Football news aside, we had a Deeparaya class party last week.


L to R: Aaron, Lumex, Laily
Laily: You don’t go and spike the syrup, okay? I’ll kick your ass if you do.
Lumex: Can I spike the mineral water then?
Laily: ….


L to R: Pavs, Sailo, Naveni, Amoi, Shashi
Sailo: Yeah, you should really give Snow Queen (Korean drama) a try. Sad wey.
Pavs: Nice hair, Sailo. How many times do you wash your hair in a year?

Dah sejuk dah. Sangat tak suka.

My condolences to the Cyclone Sidr victim in Bangladesh.


4 thoughts on “Squeeing moments

  1. Aiseyy,firstly your photos are blurr gilerr,rugila weyyyy,cepat pi beli dslr.make sure u join the dark side,Nikonians,not the white side,Canon…

    Secondly,mintak maap bebayk ekk,cant resist to say this…”pendeknye kamu nehhh”..Kaka might think that you’re some bebudak hingusan primary school, tu pn kalu die nampak ko la kan whick i 100% doubt….

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