Rani Mukherjee In Da House!

I feel that I need to clarify that last post was not me being emo. It was me explaining myself. Hehe. Terkujat ye korang?

This week would definitely be better if Lau Kong didn’t find the need to cough and puff out on my face. I am now the proud swooner of Rani Mukherjee’s deep alto sexy voice. Cayalah.

Epidemiology adalah sangat bosan. I would like to retract my answer about Social Medicine being my least favorite subject. It’s definitely Epidemiology now. The lecturer looks like an older version of Ian Wright. I was in stupor, burning with high fever in yesterday’s class, and I almost, almost blurted out to ask how the goat’s blood tasted like in Mongolia. Not like it would taste any different in other parts of the world, kan? Oh my, airhead spill on aisle 5. I need to bring my temperature down.

I realize my tuan rumah is in need of psychiatric help cause I swear she’s suffering from what we would like to call a Multiple-Personality Disorder. One moment she’s bitchy and screaming at us to open the door, the next she’d be all sunshine, asking for the rental money. Can’t wait to get out from this house. Siap la ko. Mentol2 dengan all those paips that we bought ourselves, they’re not going to stay. You hear me?

Back to Epid class. Mr. Wright was droning about genetic vaccine, Lau Kong and Shashi were playing paper footsie while yours truly were hard at work trying to stay awake. Out of a sudden, Lau Kong’s paper ball flew up a little too high and landed right between, err, Shashi’s bosom. I snorted so hard I thought I would choke on my own saliva. Mr. Wright threw me a dirty look, and it was suffice to say, I didn’t snort for the rest of the class and actually learned some Epid.

I still managed to scrape some vocals out Friday evening. After umpire duty and sports commentating (kononnye) the very same day, I was ready for a sign language class. Played some basket, tried to sweat off the fever when tetibe this huge Nigerian guy (must be adik-beradik Lumex) decided to join, scaring the crap out of me with his towering height. I felt like a kucing standing next to a giraffe. After a small talk, tgk-tgk baru 17 tahun. Laa, anak zirafah ghupenye… 

AC is coming to Donetsk (a city 9 hours away) and I realllllyyyy reeeeeaaally wanna go. But it’s on a school night, not to mention that it’s I have to think about finding a new flat, eventhough the ticket is dirt cheap (10bucks to see Kaka’ up close, tell me that’s not a good deal) I still need to piker btoi2 if I don’t want to eat MiVina for the next two weeks. Then semalam while riding on the mashrut with Kak Rika we noticed the pemberitahuan regarding the mashrut’s fee hike-up, adoila. Mampus mampus. Where’s the pokok duit?

All the money talk didn’t hinder us from entertaining our taste buds. Semalam lepak Paparazzi with Kak Rika. Poor waiter had to bust his kidney stifling his laughter when I attempted to order using sign language. Mangkuk btol.


Sakit tokak tak sakit tokak. Aku nak minum gak choc shake. Peace.


Kak Rikos with her Kajol’s ‘menembus-kalbu’ stare.


Nah duit raya ko, Eddie. Gi main jejauh. Hehhe.



6 thoughts on “Rani Mukherjee In Da House!

  1. DD says:

    So that’s the cure for sore throat? Choc shake, crazy straw & greens on a plate? Hope you’re all back to healthy, wealthy and stealthy medstew. Is it getting chilly now in Ukraine? Here in Nor Calif. the red leaves are falling & blowing but temperature really nice, some storms are coming, just finished fire season.

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