I wanted to write about Freedom Writers since I was so inspired after having watched the movie (to make up for yesterday’s angsty entry?) but whatdayaknow, I’m tagged by Yuni.

This might be fun 🙂

1. Favorite breakfast: Nasik lemak or lontong. Hey, living abroad doesn’t make me less Malaysian 😀 And a cup of Caramel Hot Choc.
2. The movie I’ve watched most number of: Empire Records, I think? I know all the words to the songs and everything. Dorky, I know.
3. Least favorite subject in school: school school or uni school? I hated History but it kinda grew on me what’s with having a walking History Channel as a brother. Now Social Medicine is making my life miserable cause I understand jack about  social structure of medicine.
4. Spend my leisure time: having relatively ‘intellectual’ talks with the girls (read: gossiping), watching good movies, reading, trying new recipes. Oh, might as well just check my friendster under the column ‘hobbies’. 😀
5. Worst smell: gangrenous diabetic foot. Or maybe autopsy on peritonitis patient. I can’t decide.
6. If I could have any car in the world, what would it be? Can I have 2? I want an executive-edition Brabus and a Nissan X-Trail.
7. Favorite household chore: I may not put Rachael Ray out of business soon, but I’d take cooking than laundry any day.
8. When I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a: doctor, a fireman (woman?), policewoman, boxer, dancer, rapper and a few other professions.
9. Favorite color/s: brown, metallic blue, black.
10. Favorite performer(s): any live reggae band and non-racist standup comedians.
11. If I could repeat college I’d take: I had this talk with Ana and I came to the conclusion I want a double degree in Russian Literature and History. Maybe even a second doctorate. But probably after I have four kids and 500/500 vision.
12. 3 things I can’t forget before going to office: class, you mean? Labcoat, small change for mashruts, and my brain.
13. First thing I’ll buy with my first salary: some nice stuff for mak and ayah, fine dining for the whole family and.. let me think about it.
14. I’d like to be remembered as: someone who has made a difference.
15. If a book was made into a movie, would you still bother to read the book? We all know that Matthew MacFayden doesn’t exactly hold up to how Jane Austen portrayed Mr. Darcy to be in Pride & Prejudice, so, yes.
16. Specialty in cooking: although I claim I enjoy cooking, sumpah aku tak tau what my specialty is.
17. Present crush(es): M: Channing Tatum. I had a look-alike as a patient a few weeks ago 😀 F: Megan Fox. Hot abess.
18. Favorite hangout: Old Town White Coffee Selayang Baru and my own rumah.
19. Best place to shop: Bandung.
20. Do you like to watch plays? Do I like getting a whiplash after sleeping in one of the uncomfortable seats?
21. Favorite place in the house: My room, specifically my bed and the kitchen, specifically the fridge 😀
22. Best gift ever received: hadiah kasih sayang. I’m an easy girl to please 😀
23. Weirdest gift ever received: Ish, takdok pulok.
24. Gift that you want to receive as of this moment: ntah laa… Gift certificate for painless menses. Ada tak?
25. Who do you want to tag? Nore, Nodee and Mynn.
26. Yahoo or Hotmail? Do I get a reward for choosing?
27. Left or right? Rightfully left.
28. Black or white? Black, but I can’t possibly show up in black labcoat unless I was trying the Lord Voldemort’s look, so white it is.
29. Black or blue pen: Funny I don’t have neither now. I’m so destitute I have to resort to my use-only-for-correction red pen.
30. Sandals or shoes: Flip flops and trainers.
31. Colgate or Happee: Happee? Is that even a toothpaste? Or are we talking toothbrush here?
32. Chopsticks or fork and spoon: Chopsticks. Really. You could hear me from a mile with a pair of fork and spoon.
33. Robocop or rambo: none.
34. Jollibee or McD: White Castle.
35. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.
36. Last person you talked to: Kak Rika.
37. Last person who texted you: Mak.
38. Last person who made you laughed: my roomies, we merapu-ed cakap Siam while playing Uno last night.
39. Last time I cried: An hour ago, watching Freedom Writers. I know, I’m a sap.
40. You see me always drinking: air kosong.


7 thoughts on “Tagged?

  1. “13. First thing I’ll buy with my first salary: some nice stuff for mak and ayah, fine dining for the whole family and.. let me think about it”—–aku takde dalam belanje list ko ke??hehehe..

    “34. Jollibee or McD: White Castle.”—weh,mane ko jumpe white castle??sini mande ade..cite Harolds and Kumar pi ceroboh white castle adelah

  2. low fat recipes>> err, wait, spam, right? right?

    nore>> tengss tengss 😀

    nodee>> kene buat gak. tak kire.

    eddie>> 13. sebokk je. hahha. btw, thank u for the card! and 34. ish, kalu tak salah aku dulu kat bangsar ke subang ada sebijik. pastu bengkrap kot. i dunno why. harolds n kumar? ape tu? therapy book ke? hehhehe

    miss aida>> me too! hilary swank is love 🙂

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