Silent Scream

It’s funny what the word ‘Friday’ can do to our brain.

I regressed and opted to watch ‘High School Musical 2’ instead of ‘Letters From Iwojima’. Why I subjected myself to cheesy storyline with even cheesier songs, beats me. Must be the overbearing heat. Have I told you that we’ve yet to hit 0 degree here in Simferopol although it’s the middle of October already?

School was okay. Two days back had the opportunity to witness a procedure to clean the wounds of an 80% burn patient. The lecturer warned us that only students with ‘good nervous system’ were allowed to go. I was pretty certain my nervous system could stomach anything, and much to the dismay of my other classmates (cause only 4 were allowed at one time, and the first trip being luckier as to assist), I was ushered to the burn ward.

Upon entering the procedural room, I tried to contain the gasp that was emanating. So much for an excellent nervous system. The patient was a small boy, no less than 7 to 9 years old, who suffered from extensive burn on the face, all four extremities, front surface of chest and abdomen, save his perineum area. He was wrapped up in plastic, and judging from the way I could see the raw flesh of his muscles, it was a fourth degree burn.

The doctor started by whispering soothing words into his ear. He nodded, although his conjunctiva were dehydrated from the burn, I could tell he was actually crying. The doctor began cutting through the bandage on his arm, being as gentle as she could as not to damage any more tissue. The boy was a tower of strength. When the doctor approached a piece of skin too crispy to be left on, she prodded softly with her scalpel. The boy uttered a silent scream, because his larynx too were too dry to produce any coherent sound.

I was rendered upset. I was being irrational, but how could anyone not be when witnessing such a small boy agonizing but he could not somehow assert his pain because his throat was so dry he could not even cry?

That’s why High School Musical was the perfect choice for me. Cause I may not end up singing along to Troy and Gabriella doing their thing, but at least I could forget the boy’s silent scream.

Shucks. Maybe I’ll go and watch Chuck and Larry next.


2 thoughts on “Silent Scream

  1. I cant bear it even when its only thru words. I have a somewhat called practical in the hospital this end of the year. dunno la leh survive ke tak…nguhu..

    oh ya, and i will be going coz aku so happen to be a cert first aider now..eheh.

    jgnla aku kena gi mortuary…seram sejuk dah aku ni.huahua..

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