I just feel like ranting.
My tuan rumah just stormed into the house with her spare key, while I was without my tudung, bringing another strange man with her, cause she was selling the house, which we are paying rental for! I think that calls for a mangkuk hayun and some other colourful unpleasant remarks, kan?

Still boiling from the shoe marks she left on the carpet. Grr.

Other than that, I had fun in extreme therapy class. Talk about a melting pot. We’ve had a Nigerian guy in our parallel group for years and he’s always fun to hang out with, despite him handing out night club brochures for me to pin-up in my closet. It’s all about living vicariously. Ha. A few excerpts of the conversation we had.

Wei Chow (the bookie guy): Oh, Niger and Nigeria are two separate countries?
Lumex (Nigerian guy): Yeah. Everybody knows that (Apparently, I don’t.).
WC: Why? (Very ambiguous question, really. Suka hati laa they want to have separate countries).
L: Look at the map (pointing at his map-equipped organizer). Nigeria is a big enough country. Why do we need Niger for?
WC: Are you sure? Enough for, wait, how many of you guys? 150 mil? (I don’t know if that’s a fact).
L: 130. Yeah, sure. You see (lining out the border of Nigeria with his finger).
WC: 130. How bout the giraffes? Do they have enough land?
L: Yeah, for the elephants and the lions too.

If you don’t see the total randomness, pardon me.

It was au revoir to Jose. I’m sure Nore was well aware of this. Saw Avram Grant on tellie, not as charismatic as the ‘Special One’. Man Uni belasah Roma again yesterday. And Chelsea is pretty much going down tonight against Valencia. God knows.

Maybe I should blog about Ramadhan, seeing how it’s the 20th day and all.

We had a makan besar slash mega iftar last week. Still can’t believe we’re nearing the end of another Ramadhan. It’d be awesome if it stretches on longer. At least it would for my gastrointestinal tract. And the whole setan kena ikat thing? You know you’d need some soul revamption if you’re thinking of waiving Zuhur away in Ramadhan month cause baby, you can’t blame it on the devil squattling around in your brain. And yes, from nearly a month of soul searching, I think I do need an overhaul. 😀

And again, I don’t wear my faith on the sleeves. It’s overrated, and God does not grade me on my ostentatious display. It’s all hati, lisan, perbuatan, not lakonan.

But I do want Israel to give us all a break and stop sending invisible bombers to Syria. Can’t the Arab League do something about it? Please? Anybody?


3 thoughts on “Nothingness.

  1. i dont wear my religion on my sleeves either and i think that’s cool
    on a different note, remember the book i wanted to publish with all my poems in it? i thought making another blog with just poems would be cheaper hahaha… blatant advertisement loh! tapi masih baru la, ader dua poems jer..ehehe

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