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I’ve never had such trouble sleeping as I had last night.

I hit the sack at 11. Pretty early, eh? What a sad life of a loser I lead, huhu. Eid came knocking on the door, bearing super pedas rojak buah. I was intrigued. Patutlaa I heard the blender earlier. Poked around, found something that tasted like sengkuang. Double heran. Mana minah ni dapat sengkuang di bumi where sebatang serai/lemongrass cost 78RM? I paused my chewing and concentrated on my gustatory senses. Ohhh, apple. Habess creative lah. Thank God she didn’t throw in grapes and peach skali. I wonder how those would taste like in belacan-laden kuah rojak.

I stopped my codeine last Friday. Felt fine, less than 5 times coughing per day. Dude, I was on the road to recovery. But the rojak buah did the trick. I went to sleep with the sensation of fireants trampling my laryngeal mucosa. Woke up at 12.30 cause my ear was throbbing and itching so much I thought roaches were crawling in there. Grasped around for my metal ear digger in the dark and I dug my ear while halfway dreaming of Chelsea’s loss to Man U.

At 2 I woke up again, ear digger in hand. Better there than stuck erect in my tympanium. My throat was on fire, my cough was reverberating in the whole apartment. I threw away the comforter and felt my way to the kitchen. One tablespoon of codeine and hoped it would do the trick. No such luck.

I laid awake in the dark, coughing which sounded more like barking, and it didn’t seem it would stop any time soon. I ran out of alternatives; the Glycodeine was my second bottle of ubat batuk for the last two weeks. I could be an ubat batuk addict already by the rate I’m consuming it. Nona Roguy came into mind and I lathered a generous amount on my neck. It reeked of.. of whatever it was used to make the concoction, and the neck of my white t-shirt turned yellow from the oil.

I selawated a bit… and it was gone. The coughing was gone.

If I haven’t gotten around telling You this, I love You loads, God.

All the coughing and feeling sick didn’t hinder me from enjoying Ramadhan ( I don’t know if it’s appropriate such word associated with the holy month?). Huggling Ramadhan 🙂

But I think I miss home. For the first time in more than half a decade of living abroad, I’ve finally grasped the concept of being homesick. Michael Buble’s ‘I Wanna Go Home’ is on repeat on my Media Player. I have heaps of photos tacked-it on my wardrobe. And yeah, we still have conversations that start with ‘Kat Mesia…’ everytime post-iftar. Sangat sedih.

An epiphany in the form of Dyg Tinggi and Debo anak Sian. Lessee if you ingat these two, Nodee 😀

With a mighty hebat Schlumberger engineer cum driller, Hezne.

Second boss in-command with his new hobby, gardening, while mak shakes her head.

Harimau Kumbang of Raja Rimba. Look at the eyebrows and you’ll know what I mean.

Lapar nar juak kitak, Lek?

How’s that for an update? 🙂 I wish you all the best in observing Ramadhan to the fullest.


4 thoughts on “Home Home Home

  1. nodee says:

    ohhh i ingattt okkkk. kak fiza yang badan semangat but suara halus and kak deb yang badan tak berapa semangat but her suara satu block A boleh dgr okeyyyy. i rememberrrrr, see? hehe. and the ‘lelek lapar sgt’ pic ya pun mek igt ngn kak fana. hehe.

    oh btw,

    “Grasped around for my metal ear digger in the dark and I dug my ear while halfway dreaming of Chelsea’s loss to Man U.” = worlldddd gitu 😛

  2. My sleeping time has never been better since Ramadan, habis je terawih terus snoringgg..hahahah…have you try a can of chilled coke as a subs to your codeine. Itulah ubat batok aku yg paling mujarab skali

    waaa..ekau neh,cam first timer pi obersi belajar je..cam tak bese plak mo homesick2 neh..apeda..

    Have you get your share from Masy??kalu blum,tuntut wey,nanti melepas

  3. DD says:

    Gosh so sick. Is the itchy ear connected to homesick? or got a fever too? Middle ear bacterial infection? Any sensitivity in the salivary glands? Well sounds like recovered completely now eh? Always puzzling to me that a doctor gets sick, although to be expected I guess, since around sick patients often. Sihat sihat!

    Really dumb joke: How’z ur ukrainium today?

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