Last Week In Pictures (and Words)

1_293636959l.jpgBeen away, if you noticed.

Went jalan-jalan cari pasal all around Peninsular, too bad didn’t have the chance to visit the folks in Sarawak. Miss you guys much.

A weekend in Kuantan. Lunch was a patin affair and dinner was the traditional nasik hidang. Had a good time observing 4 ang mos dining who ended up paying RM150 ++ at the local gerai. Gosh, they might as well book a table at the nearest SwissGarden. Really.


Dating with mak aji watching the sun rise at the horizon

Ran into faisal in TC for two years in a row. Hahha. A little awkward there cause I couldn’t exactly kick his shin like I used to do in Ukraine with my mak and ayah hanging around.

From the beach, we drove home for a quick wardrobe change and up we went the Banjaran Titiwangsa towards the scenic Cameron Highland. It was aeons ago since my last trip (the last one being when I tuang the Chemistry class in UTP for a weekend hideaway with my brother and wife in 2002). I consider myself to be a pretty tough traveller cause I’ve handled narrow perahu in Rejang River, Camel trophy ride in Lawas, small Fokker in Miri, but when it comes to driving up the Cameron range, sumpah I won’t want to undergo it again unless it is strictly necessary. I’ve never gotten carsick before but surprise surprise, other than leaving my cap tangan and cap bontot in Cameron, I didn’t forget to leave my stomach content there. Eek.


Double-chin glory in the nursery.

A week being stationary at home, last week we climbed up Genting Highlands pulak. Got schooled by my brothers on Bowling 101, karaoke-ing with the same bunch to the likes of May (Meniti Suratan), Pesta Muda-Mudi, Gadis Bertudung Putih, Aris Ariwatan’s, bla bla. It was like crashing a kenduri kahwin’s band. 😀 

Beriya abiss


Spokespersons of Gambling-not-for-you Association

Mak aji mengontrol ayu

We were so psyched to go on all the rides, siap makan pizza pun sorang dua keping JE to avoid any unpleasant indigestion (ie: muntah :D), tengok-tengok mother earth was smirking down on us when it drizzled all afternoon. Sedih. But yesh, hujan itu rahmat. The green-house effect which Genting suffered for quite awhile now was replaced by a blanket of mist and cold air. Best!

We were pretty bummed cause tak dapat naik Solero but it’s okay, with a trip down Genting ridges in  Bang Meir’s pajero pun it was enough to keep us reeling and clutching the seat for our dear lives. 😀

I’m going back to Ukraine terchinta tomorrow.
I wish you all well.
And if I fail to update sooner, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan.
God bless 🙂


6 thoughts on “Last Week In Pictures (and Words)

  1. nodee says:

    alahai kakak. i thot you’d be here longer. i guess the next time i’ll be meeting you as a patient la hoh? hehe. aminnnn ;D

    itu hari bf saya balik we went to genting in the hopes of naik solero jugak tapi malangnya twas raining + heavy mist tak habis2. still, its the company that matters more kan 🙂

  2. kau ke kamelen ek???tak kasitau pn melawat kg aku..
    kalu ko bagitau boleh aku siapkan pape yg patut..hehehe..
    aiseyyy,cam kenal je nursery tuuu,kat kea farm kannn…

    hahah..believe me,you’ll update sooner than ever…

  3. nodee: hehhe. insya Allah aminnn. let’s pray that it’ll only be a consult, wokeh, not a full-fledge treatment. and never brought a bf up to genting yet. im living thru you here. sad. 😀

    eddie: wa naik kemelen segan laa habaq ngan lu. masy ckp lu kilem luit ngan dia ka kasi chia wa sama itu yanti. sie sie aa sifuuu.

    miss aida: right back at ya 🙂

    yun: sumpah aku lupa ko kat kontan… haiyo… very the menyesal. huhu. takde jodoh kot… insya Allah next year kita jumpa k…

    amal: that’s why. huhu. pet jahat. n slmt pose to u babe. missin u loads… 😀

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