It’s A Small Small World

Alfatihah to those who were killed in the NSE crash this morning. May their souls rest in peace.

The weekend was wonderful.
But now I’m feeling pretty crappy cause I have a big-ass ulcer sandwiched right between my upper and lower third molar. And I tell you, it hurts like a b.

I was a good girl all last week and refrained from going merendek. On Friday I hitched a ride to Midvalley though to meet Kak Rika. Finally after 10 months of being Kak-Rika’s-antics deprived, we were reunited again. We gabbed away about practically everything, from ngumpat moments to heart-to-heart sessions. Can’t wait to have her back in my otherwise so mundane life.

On Saturday my cousins and I headed off to PD for the good ol’ camping trip. Pantai Tanjung Tuan was so awesome, although it could do without as much nyamuk. I don’t recall having to bergurau-senda and bertepuk-tampar with so much nyamuk in Pangkor. The BBQ was superb, my very pregnant cuzzy, Kak Asmiza (who still gatai and gedik nak pi bercamping even on her 34th week, hahha) was worried we couldn’t finish off the chicken. But with me around, kenapa perlu risau?

But a very significant event took place last weekend too. I remember Bang Zam (that’s the cousin ipar. Such thing? No?) and Kakchik (adik sedare) were stalking a couple making out right in front of our tents. I mean, kamon laaa. Nak buat projek pun perlu ke depan khemah aku?? I didn’t remember putting a ‘zon meraba-raba’ sign kat situ, ok? So the clowns scared the couple off, and they broke apart before hurrying into their tent, which was right behind ours. Sempoi habis.

While we were combating the nyamuk, Kakchik with her very sensitive senses alerted me: “Dok main-main apa depa bawah selimut tu? Gembiranya bunyik.” Har har. I tried to keep an open mind. Dah kahwin kot.

The next day, they were the only couple in the laut who were stuck to each other like a kilogram of Gam Gajah was smeared between them. I was just glad the guy didnt submerge by the way the girl was smothering him. They were shooting us (me included, apa salah aku wey? Huhu) some heavy-duty daggers, but yeah, who’d care even if you’re Paul Walker if I’m surrounded by paradise?

We spent almost five hours just lazing under the sun, eating BBQ chicken and nasik lemak. I alternated the getting the grub trip to the shore and floating with my eyes closed under the sun. We headed home at around 2 and arrived safely in KL at around 4.30. Then I had to hurry off to attend an old friend’s son’s birthday party with Yati at 5.

The birthday party was kind of huge, with mostly adults in attendance. Nurul was definitely turning into a very elegant woman and mother. She was such an amusing chatter and entertainer, and from experience, she likes to keep all her friends close, even those acquaintances in tadika were invited to the party. She was talking about a particular kakak angkat coming from somewhere with her boyfriend in a white MyVi. The kakak finally came and I had the shock of my life when…

When the baju, the topi, the blouse, the FACES of the supposed kakak angkat and boyfriend were so familiar that I recalled meeting them earlier in PD.


I wonder when did the world get so small?

P/S: I went down with the rest of the patriotic Malaysians to support our national youth team going against PSV Eindhoven last night. Although the youngsters lost 2 to nothing, it was a very remarkable game as they put up a real fight (especially in the second half) and I’m sure the whole stadium were entertained by such spirits too. Can’t go into details with just one paragraph, maybe I’ll blog about it soon. Cayala team Malaysia!


2 thoughts on “It’s A Small Small World

  1. hi laily how are you doing? still remember me?
    dah moved to wordpress ya.. teruknye i ni baru tau. i just restart to write (craps) again so now tengah housekeeping the links.

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