Jumbles and Jakarta 2007

Selamat sore, bapak2, ibu2.
I thought about blogging in Indonesian but due to my limited vocabulary, we’ll stick to a language I’m very proficient in: Manglish.

It was a three-day trip of enjoying good food and good company. Our host was our Indonesian keluarga angkat, Bapak Rafi and Ibu Badariah. Their daughter, Kak Wati was our very cool abess punya tour guide.

It was my first time in Jakarta so everything kind of awed me, from the five-storey flyovers to the boxhouses, the traffic and the exotic food. On the second day, we drove to Bandung, a two-hour drive with the wonderful scenery of padi bertingkat (unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of a pic cause cars were forbidden to stop along the highway) and miles and miles of tea plantation and green mountains.

Bandung, also locally known as Kota Paris Kecil promises a satisfaction-guaranteed shopping experience. The city is full of factory outlets selling branded names at such an incredible price: a pair of men’s Louis Vuitton original shoes costs only 150RM there. I almost swooned cause hello, mana lagi aku nak dapat Nike parka at RM70 dalam dunia ni?? Well, you guess it, we went a little crazy on our cash and credit cards, but I am proud to say I still returned home with only one hand luggage I went with on the first place 😀

On the next day, Kak Wati decided to surprise us with a little visit to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu. It is an active volcano located 20km north to Bandung, lined with a forest of pines and tea plantation on the way to the top. We trekked the one and a half mile path to the edge of the crater. At the periphery of the crater were several geizers converted into hot springs, some of which were so hot the water was boiling. I was again awed at such a breathtaking scenery, I might as well let the pictures do the talking again.

That’s the larva, okay? Don’t play play aaa.

Searching for the light

Still pretty kurus laa aku ni kan if I could fit into this tree 😀

Nak turun pi bawah tu la. Nampak tak orang macam semut tu?

Berasap-asap tu.. The geiser was around 90 degrees, anyone who’s craving for a visit to the burn ward jemput-jemput le sua kaki dalam tu.

This one’s temperature is sedang-sedang aja, around 40 degrees. Notice the mud on my mak’s legs. Pasni korang tak payah susah2 pi Dead Sea lagi. Seberang Selat Melaka ni je  pun ada mud mask ok.

The rest of the trip centered around shopping and scouting excellent cuisine.  My latest feveret drink has got to be the Es Jeruk (yang sebenornye Air Limau Ais) and Es Avocado (this one masyuk abess. Blended avocado with chocolate syrup. Awas karena rasa sekali kemudiannya nggak bisa stop :D).

In front of Chihampelas Walk where Hugo Boss perfume costs RM70. Ha!

Nasi uduk. Rice wrapped in small portions eaten with a variety of sauteed seafood and other meat.

Yang pasti, saya kepingin melancong lagi ke sana. Insyia Allah…


8 thoughts on “Jumbles and Jakarta 2007

  1. mynn says:

    i went to bali last year, and my favourite drink was teh botol..sure ader jugak kat jakarta kan? and i want to go to bandung, heard it is a must go for shopoholics!! mahuuuu dong

  2. waduh waduh….
    ke bandung rupanya…
    heard ade byk factory outlet kat sane…musti shopping heaven kan..
    bali lagi besh!!!!hahahha….

  3. naz says:

    Amboi seronoknya kamu ya! I’m going to Bkt Tinggi so I’ll see if I can have a sip of that Es Avocado. Nasi Uduk tu nice or not?

    Mynn, teh botol tu kat sini pun ada. The mart where I stay off-campus ada jual. Heheh.

  4. mynnzach says:

    eh naz
    serious ker ader? tak nampak lagi la kat pasaraya ttdi hahaah..i miss it laa….
    and that Es Avocado tu seriously heaven, jgn tak try!

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