Warning: Super panjang entry with loads of pictures of highly-“gila flash” moments. Consider you’ve been warned.

This weekend has been unanimously voted as my most relaxed/enjoyable/stress-free/work-free weekend I’ve had in awhile. A mixture of retail therapy, mandi sungai and makan buah later accompanied by my most treasured galfrens, what more could be better?

The weekend started with tea at Secret Recipe to celebrate Amal’s forthcoming birthday. 


Bila lagi ko nak merasa tiup lilin on 6 different cakes kan, Amal? 😀

Then we proceeded on with a ‘little’ shopping spree while mall-hopping from Sogo to Maju Junction and back to Sogo.


A sengal moment while waiting for Yati’s Clinique consult.


The girls with the proof of their 3-hour moment of temporary insanity.

Shopping proves to be an intense calorie-burning activity, therefore we continued down to Langat for dinner at 11.30pm which came in the form of talapia masam manis, patin bakar, kailan goreng and nasik putih semangkuk besar. Just for us 3 girls (no mystery where the double-chin originates).


To give a rough idea of what kept us asleep last night.

The night was spent with some more girl talk at Amal’s (oh, we had the good ol’ sleepover), but due to the workouts we endured earlier, we hit the sack pretty early.

The next morning was a pack of mangosteen and pulasan jolok-ing lesson and mandi sungai. And Amal’s mother kept our stomach full with her superb Oriental Javanese cooking. Pendek citer, this weekend was all about makan, makan, and some more makan.

I think, let the pictures do the talking.


If you see me smiling dorkily down the corridor at the hospital tomorrow, my best bet is the sugar-high pulasan intoxication.

I had fun. How bout you guys?


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