Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya?

Prologue: Al-Fatihah to our national heroes who were killed in the Nuri crash a few days back. May Allah bless their souls always.

Watched the iklan? I’ve watched it countless times. The budak is especially cute. Kenapa saya suka rumah saya? Why do I like my home?

1) My home is the only country in the world who trains fighter pilots just for them to meet death while piloting one of the oldest/faultiest heli models in the world.

2) Here in my home we rejoice the economic growth of dollar decreament to ringgit (going to be RM3 per dollar soon, baby), just to witness the inflation skyrocketing. I bought a packet of soybean milk for RM2 at the pasar malam tapi bila tuang tak smp pun dua gelas. Apakah?

3) We pride ourselves for being a multiracial country only to have different Pasar Sayurs for Malays and Chinese in Selayang Baru.

4) And don’t even mention the football team.

5) It’s here that when I look at the kepala ikan I’m about to throw, I start worrying whether I’d be buried under a mountain of kepala ikans in ten years to come.

6) Here in our country the news of Datuk Siti earning a shiner courtesy of Datuk K’s fist (or so they say) is a front-page material alongside a very tragic airspace disaster.

Malaysia, Rumahku. Right.


7 thoughts on “Kenapa Saya Suka Rumah Saya?

  1. mynnzach says:

    eh serious? siti kena tumbuk dgn datuk k? for real aaa? how come i tak bacer tuh…isk2..balik ni kena korek paper..:)

    having fun at home?

  2. Kenape saye suke rumah saye??
    sebab rumah saye bessssstttttttttttt….
    you forget something..
    My home is the only country that serves durian in many ways..
    buah durian,pengat durian, kari durian, tempoyak, gulai durian,ice cream durian…

  3. DD says:

    Pulau Kapas snorkeling? me too, best. R U around Tganu? I’m in Nor Calif US now, water is so cold from Siber- Alaskan current, I went swimming at Crescent City Beach without a wetsuit, freezing water!
    Did you swim at Black Sea? I heard it’s nice for collecting seafood. Did you go on that trip around the sea, and visit that old fort and caves with the group of Msian students?

    OK, too many questions, sorry, just curious.

    durian milkshake…oOoOo…only in my dreams…

  4. mynnzach: God knows, saja je kot orang buat crita nak bagi havoc skek. don’t trust everything you read my dear…

    eddie: kari durian?? ko biar betik?? sorry la tader maser la nak pi OU tadi cause i tgh busy melantak doroyang ngan pulasan tadi yeww. jangan jell, k? 😀

    DD: for awhile there i thought you were the other dD. anyway, i’m nowhere near terengganu, i’m a pureblood perlisian living in KL. bet you had a brainfreeze while swimming at CCB, might be a useful reminder next time u’re plunging headfirst into the icy colde water. i’ve waddled in the black sea, never swam in it and nice for collecting seafood? i don’t think so but if your reference of seafood includes mackarel and carp, i think you’re on the right track 😀 been to the old forts and caves and no worries, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, trust me 🙂

    and durian milkshake? now that’s pretty funky even for my tastebuds 😀

    miss aida: exactly. makes you wonder what defines a news worthy of a headline.

    amal: soon, i heard. 😀 and thanks for weekend, dear! missin u already 🙂

  5. Yep, got a headfreeze, cuz I let the seawater into my nasal and sinus cavities and middle ears, to alleviate mid ear barotrauma, (this works for freedivers in warm water so they don’t need to keep pressurizing their ears) but it was too darn cold for my swim.
    I’ll have to wait to try it in warmer waters.

    A spearfishing free-diving friend from the Black Sea area told me these fish: “mullet, bonito, turbot (sole) and blue fish and almost everything from the sea is eatable. The black mussels are delicious. We also have some crabs and a sort of shellfish we call rapan (Rapana venosa), which is originally from the Japanese seas.” He said the Black Sea is only mildly salty, but poor visibility.

    neway, thanks. Enjoy your hometime. Neat blog! 🙂

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