Bola Lagi…

T/e/ngku A/b/dullah must be in a tough spot right as of now for the embarrassing loss of the national team to Uzbekistan. It was 5 to nil, where the national team had the advantage of playing home, but we still had no such luck as victory. Come on lah, I know for a fact that Uzbekistan Airlines cam hampeh ok (the cabin attendants semua baya-baya mak aku), and I know MAS is like ten-fold baikkkkk punya (award-winning, I gather), why can’t the football team be the same?

Discussing this rather delicate topic, I choose not to point my finger to anybody. Football is a role-playing game: right from the players to the management down to the supporters. Everyone plays a part in keeping it above-average, respectable, therefore when it doesn’t even come close to a team that you can proudly call your national team, look at yourself first before you blame others. Apa aku merepek ni?

First, the players have to admit that they do, in fact, suck a**. Don’t sulk when people (especially the newspapers) throw insults at you. “Tak makan nasik?” Memang nampak macam tak makan nasik. Understandable cause last week Bernas caused a stir by rising up the rice price without acknowledging the government. Maybe that was the reason diorang tak mampu makan nasik?

Dianaktirikan? Of course, Malaysia is the only country in the world where foreigners come first before its own citizens. But don’t let that be the reason for such a disappointing performance.

Management. No comment. But relieving yourself of the responsibility right at the moment of doom has a name to it: in Malay it’s called lepas tangan.

Supporters. Am I a Malaysian team supporter? I guess I am. But if you give me a Malaysian team jersey for free and ask me to parade around wearing it, I might piker 2,3, 678 kali dulu. But if you give me an Italian jersey, takpun Japanese, koya-koya skali pun Thai la kan, I won’t even give it a second thought before donning it. Why? Am I ashamed of my national team? Mcm ckp Ashraf Sinclair, “Salahke saya pakai kasut buatan Gombak?” (btw, aku tak penah nampak kilang kasut pun kat Gombak ni?).

I know I am at fault too. Players work best with heaps of support. Did you see the attendance at the Stadium last week when Malaysia played against Uzbek? I don’t know why we bother constructing a football stadium in the first place if it’s only going to be full during Jom Heboh and not when the national football team’s pride was at stake.

Tapi bola itu bulat kan.

Did you guys see the hunks in Iranian team? 😀

P/S: Congratulations to the Bintang Kecil who represented Malaysia in Danone Cup, Lyon, France. This came as an inspiring news, the little delegates won almost all matches except for the last one up against England, placing them on number 17 out of 44 (if I’m not mistaken laa). Not too far away from the top ten, eh?


6 thoughts on “Bola Lagi…

  1. Pernahkah anda consider nak ganti Shabby Singh one day??
    You have the talent komen mengomen pasai footie, cume tak di ketengahkan je..
    Instead of “malan ini shabby”, why not “malam ini Laily”??
    weh,aku mau belanje anytimeje,cume bile mase nak meetup…
    no meetup,no belanje…simple n easy..hehhehe

  2. supporter salahkan player main hampeh, player salahkan coach guine taktik lapuk, coach salahkan management lepas tangan, management salahkan coach tak reti decide, coach salahkan player tak ikut cakap, player salahkan supporter cakap bukan2…

    sape yg salah nih?

  3. dD says:

    There you are! i’ve been looking all over for you.
    Well i found ur old blog link from one of the comments u used to send to me & it lead me to this blog.
    very nice indeeed! wordpress mmg bagus.

    welcome back to Malaysia ! enjoy your stay.

    p/s : Uzbek is the shiznitz mmmmmmm k.

  4. Eddie: hahha, tabley pasal aku diri tegak depan kamera pun blom tentu kamera nampak kepala aku lagi 😀 ko calling2 la arrange date bile. aku no hal maa.

    kuluk: 😀 yeah, i am. jgn jeles, ye…

    nore: it’s ska_imp@yahoo. email cepat tau!

    ah jun: saya tak salahkan sapa-sapa. sapa yang rasa agak2 bersalah dia la kot bersalah. tapi yang for sure bukan salah ibu mengandung…

    dD: heya there! wordpress is cool la but i’m eyeing livejournal pulak but since i don’t write as much biarla. i missed u! im back act, nanti2 bila2 bleh la meet up. and yep, uzbek is the feces 😀

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