Ten Things

First of all, I think I’m smitten (in the not so gay-ish way) with Emma Watson. The girl is so awesomely gorgeous, isn’t she?

Second, it is so bloody hot here. I’m talking 35 approaching 40 degrees here. And I don’t have a fan or air-cond for that matter. Just natural ventilation.

Third, I have a newfound phobia: arachnophobia, that is. It has come to light a few days ago of how much I am ridiculously and deathly afraid of these eight-legged creatures. I spent two sleepless nights clutching my blanket watching around my bed anxiously for anything crawling up my bedsheet. The teabags under my eyes are the clear indication that I do indeed, need to grow up.

Fourth, I can’t wait to be back to the endless reruns of Bob the Builder and Higglytown Heroes and to nocturnal trips to the kitchen for ‘Adam nak susu’ moments. I am seriously considering my sanity for looking forward to being sleep deprived.

Fifth, 5 more days, baby! I’m touching home grounds soon!

Sixth, Surgery was cool, Therapy managed to quell most of my brain cells but it was quite cool too, Pediatrics was outright funny (the lecturer did most of the answering than I did, honestly). One more paper (Psychiatry) and it’s bye bye to fourth year, and howdy to fifth year. Oh my, I don’t even remember the Kreb cycle anymore, how does that qualify me to be a fifth year student?? *Panics*

Seventh, I realize I am quite skeptic of those who wear their faith on the sleeve. Looking down on other people just because you have an extra garment called hijab on you head is not going to score you any bonus point in God’s book, trust me. What happens to just being exemplary and supportive?

Eighth, the house needs a spring cleaning (or summer cleaning?). The cabinets need to be emptied, the fridge needs to be switched off, the carpets and tiles need to be scrubbed. Aiyo. The price you pay for flying back home. Haih.

Ninth, here’s an extra bonus for you female lovers alike out there. The song down there is an English song sung by a Russian girl group called ‘Serebro’ (tr: silver. Deep, huh? :D). The title is Song #1 (again, profound, don’t you think? Hahha). The group participated in the Eurovision 2007 (kinda like the American Idol but on the international level) last spring and the song has been played on air 20 freaking times daily on every Ukrainian radio channel. The girls are not as daring as Via-Gra (come on, even the group name is some kind of an indication what?) but with lyrics like ‘put your cherry on my cake, and taste my cherry pie’, it’s no wonder they got the rave airtime like they do. But the song is addictive, so give em a go, I say.

Tenth, eh, I’ll see you people in Malaysia lah 😀

P.S: Thank you for the lovely well-wishes. I must say I owe it to you guys’ prayers for me to pull through fourth year. Thank you again!


4 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. ouhhh, dier exam ke selama nih..ehehee patut sunyi jer blog dier, good luck laa, too late kaa?

    and i agree with point no. 7 being a victim myself..hoho

    aaaaaand..just because you ask not to,
    chik laily punyer wedding bila?
    eheheheee..i cant help it (andi posted this comment in my blog too..is that lame?)

    safe trip home love!

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