In Conjunction of Ocean’s 13 Debut

It’s an age-old belief that home is the safest place anyone could be, but we couldn’t be anymore wrong.

Too many things have been happening in Malaysia lately. With the crime rate over the roof, I seriously wonder if the tapwater back home is being tampered with. Have you ever heard in other countries fake taxi driver raping AND robbing innocent passengers? These culprits are giving real taxi drivers who are working their backsides off for halal wages a bad name. My dad had grilled in my mind not to ever, take a taxi alone in Malaysia. Buses are so much safer nowadays.

And it seems like a trend for young, smart, educated group of people to turn all Ocean’s 13 lately. Scamming seems to be in fashion I’d say. Last summer when I was fulfilling my job as the official operator for the Abu Bakar’s household, I came across a call that was slightly too suspicious, even for a gullible kid like me.

LaiLy: Hello. Abu Bakar’s household (nah, I skipped that part :D)
Caller: Hello, can I speak to Mrs. Azizah binti Yahya, please?
(My mom was frying fish back in the kitchen, and she told me to go ahead since it’s obviously an official call judging from the immaculate English)
LaiLy: This is she. Who’s on the line, please?
Caller: I’m calling from Company bla-bla-bla Limited. We would like to inform you that you have won an all-expenses paid vacation to (entah aku tak ingat). Congratulations!
LaiLy: Really? (in an all-too-sceptic tone)
Caller: Yes, madam. Just verify your credit card number with us and your ticket will be sent your way.
LaiLy: (sensing something fishy). Unfortunately it’s not with me right now. If you could just give me your number I’d ring back and give you the details.
Caller: We could wait if you want to go and fetch it, madam.
Laily: I’m cooking right now so I’m afraid I can’t.
Caller: Err, sure. 03-XXXXXXXX. Thank you. Click.

Smooth, huh? I waited five minutes and tried giving the number a call and a makcik Telekom’s pretty voice greeted me: “nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan. The number that you’ve called is not in service.”


Another pointless entry, just that I thought it would serve as a reminder to us and especially ladies to be extra careful. It helps to be a little sceptic cause the world is not all peaches and creams anymore.


One thought on “In Conjunction of Ocean’s 13 Debut

  1. You’re right, the crime rate is increasing. And unfortunately, it seems that the government’s wonderful crime solving organizations are woefully understaffed and inadequately trained to keep up with it.

    It’s a good thing you kept a cool head.

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