1) My psychiatric teacher not only does better tutoring IT, he can also be a good palmtop salesperson if medicine fails him.

2) I finally have the proper definition for manic-depressive disorder and thank God, I definitely don’t suffer from one (or really?).

3) I may have said goodbye to the world of football but I still can’t peel myself away from the box. Why? Cause DTV is being very smug and put 2 CSIs in every night, 8-10pm. There’s no way I can say no to Detective Flack’s blue blue eyes.

4) Ukraine was leading the Group B in the Euro 2008 Qualifyers and it was a pleasant surprise til they lost 2 nil to France last Saturday. Voronin was overshadowing everybody (prolly due to his latest Livpool trade) although I personally think that Vorobei was definitely better. And Shimulyansky (or apa-apa je lah, the goalie, btw) likes to throw down, I realize. Broken ribs, anyone?

5) Miss Japan won the 2007 Miss Universe. Shocker, shocker. What happened to the likes of Miss India and Miss Venezuela? But Riyo Mori is one hot lady, she strutted her stuff fine in the swimsuit slot, and her evening gown was a definition of style and elegance.

And who says blondes have all the fun?

6) Now that we’ve established that I watch TV more than I should be studying, I’ve also been eating kuah kacang and lemang in June. We’re in the midst of clearing out our cabinets of last year’s food supply so anybody short of cinnamon or buah pelaga just give me a holler. I may even have a few kerisik left too. Rendang in the middle of hot summer days is definitely the LOVE.

Okay. Back to inguinal hernia.


7 thoughts on “Numbered

  1. naz says:

    I knowwww, her baju is sooo cun kan?

    TV is now a disease, apsal banyak sangat cite best now ha? I mean as shallow as this may sound, I’m hooked on E!News now on Astro channel 76, all on celebrity goss! Hahah.

    What’s up with the pre-raya eating lemang and kuah kacang ni beb? I thought that you guys cleared it all up during raya. Heheh.

  2. Les blues…Les blues!!!hehehe..

    TV mmg sucks gile skg, termasoklah kat US cos all of my fav shows, semue dah abis season..damnnnnn..

    Iyee cik laily, haku memerlukan cinnamon and buah pelage,boleh pos tak??

  3. detective flack is the one from csi:ny kan? yummmyyyyyyy!!!
    and aah, skarang astro ader E! channel so if there is nothing good on TV there’s E! channel, sungguh tak bagus…haha

  4. Naz: Aiyo, really? Mati la balik ni tak cukup TV nak tengok. Hahhaha. The lemang story pasal the parcel my mom sampai arrived like two months after raya. I think it went to Uganda dulu kot sebelum mai Ukraine 😀

    Eddie: hohho, tu laa ko. Cubala tengok rancangan tempatan sekali. Al-Kuliyyah ke, Forum Perdana ke, Sandiwara Semasa ke, Sembilu ke. 😀

    Ko nak buat apa cinnamon and buah pelage? Gaya ko masakkkk je 😀

    Mynn: Exactly: yummy! Although my reaction is more like: Grr. Wahhahha.

    Nore: Wahhahha, samprit ye you kutuk i? But Ukraine pun layan apa? At least better la dari Malaysian team kan 😀

    AmaL: she issss. Eh, I can give you a few names of hot japanese what: Sada Mayumi, one of them. But sejak bila minat ko dah similar cam aku ni??

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