What Was That Laa?

Thanks to Liverpool, now I officially have to scrap my wallet for a WHOLE chicken plus expensive fresh chillies for Pugunan’s rendang ayam. I knew it.

I don’t understand. Liverpool had so many openings. Gerrard had so many opportunities. At one moment tuh, he actually JUMPED AWAY from the ball. WTH?? From the statistics, Livpool had more shots on goals than AC. And in the end, Inzaghi, who is famous for being known as the offside player scored. TWO GOALS.

The first one was a free from Pirlo (citation needed, I’m so malas to review Yahoo! Sports, it’s 12 freaking midnight ady), and deflected by Inzaghi into the goal. My phone automatically rang and Pugunan shouted gleefully into my ear. The second one was a slow ball, no slow-mot was needed in the replay. This time Pugunan called and smugly wished my good night. Mangkuk.

It was an emotional ride, even my busy brother Bg Meir was pumped up by the game. Being an avid fan of the Reds since his college era, he was pretty much excited about the finals (besides the fact he had fun rubbing in that Chelsea was stranded in the semi). After the second goal from Inzaghi, he texted me “Mari kita tido.” Haha.

And out of nowhere, tetibe Kuyt scored.

And my heart soared.

But in the end I still have to cook that damn rendang ayam which is going to cost me 4 hours of my precious life.

Next time I’m so much as suggesting about a bet, remind me to ram my head into the goalpost, please.


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