Of Makans & Bolas

Dua tiga menjak ni I find myself so destitute. Usually by the end of every fortnight, I would still have some cash left to be carried forward for the next half of the month. But lately everything will be swiped clean. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where most of the money have gone to, but just in case let me list out the end gutter of my grivens’ destination.

It’s spring, the season where you go out and enjoy. I guess I am just enjoying it a little too much, especially on gluttony. It’s been less than two weeks but I’ve had two BBQs, two potlucks and a lottt of eating out. It doesn’t help that my current cycle, TB requires us going to a hospital which is conveniently located near to an oh-so-irresistable cafe. So you guess it, everyday we have brunch there like a bunch of orang kaya but in the end, damn, where have all the money gone to??

On another happier note, I am pretty satisfied with Chelsea’s win over Man U last Saturday during the FA final eventhough the game was described to be classified only a level higher than the fecal category. That left another highly-anticipated final this Wednesday, then I would officially say goodbye to football this semester. I put rendang ayam on Liverpool while Pugunan put mutton curry on AC Milan. If Benitez plays his cards right I’m going to be a mutton-curry richer, and if Kaka plays like how he boastfully commented that he would, I’d be rid of my last packet of kerisik. I do not know how I got into this rendang and kari mess in the first place. Haih.

And it’s so so freaking hot over here I could almost hear my brain sizzle.

And yesterday I found out I was selected as a panelist (is there such word?) in the forum organized by the Kelab Umno in conjunction of the exam week. I mean, me, to speak randomly in front of the whole Ukrainian Malay community? Me, the person who failed therapy, giving pep-talks on exam? Apakah?? That spells disaster and a subsequent ketaq lutut with a combination of a nervous breakdown. Reminiscing my perhimpunan MC-ing days, I had to visualize the whole school as the Lion King casts with my principal as Mufasa, only with less facial hair. I need to bring a Note-It reminder in case I forget to breathe, or I blabber too much. Anybody with tips on how to rid stage fright, do leave me a line.

Err, okay. I need to go and at least pass my therapy now. ~Taa.


2 thoughts on “Of Makans & Bolas

  1. girlz will always be girlz,kalu melantak tu tak hingat dunia..btol tak??hahhaha..ey, it was a one sided game ok, nasibje chelsea tuuu,kalu ade arsenal malam tuu,mmg lauk dah chelsea tau…kasi can la kat korg this season…

    oooohhh,mutton curry,my fav!!!Let me put tomyam azian on ACMILAN, if AC wins, aku tuntut tomyam azian dr kamu ekk..hahahah

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