B1 & B2

I feel a surge of pride reading this:

Excerpts from BBC News Report

“About 100,000 UK youngsters attend Islamic religious schools attached to mosques – madrasas – every day.

A new curriculum aims to tackle extremism and counter messages about perceived clashes between Islam and British culture.”

More news here.

In another report, Jimmy Carter, the ex-President of the US of A ridiculed the stepping-down Blair’s attempt to make amends with Iraq by paying the country a surprise visit this week. Carter is famous for his strong adverse opinion against Bush’s policy of bringing war to Iraq.

Now I’m not so big on endorsing a Western leader, especially an American one at that, but despite the hooplas around him and Afghanistan 3 decades ago, his view on Bush’s agenda is definitely a gust of fresh air. I especially like the part where he “blared” Blair for the Englishman’s blind undeviating and obviously intentional support for his American veto-crazed half.

– Honey, what’s for dinner?
– How bout a plate Iraqi’s liver and some scrumptious Palestinian’s brains for dessert?
– Oh *squeals*! Sounds delish, I love you, B1!
– Not as much as I love you, B2…

Bush and Blair; when the lights go off 😀


3 thoughts on “B1 & B2

  1. at least blair has already resigned with integrity (at least he knows the people don’t want him any longer)..

    but the ministers in Malaysia who built istana illegally, make sexist remarks, condone racist policies, and all other BS is still up there without even a pinch of embarassment…

    oh, malaysia ku…

  2. nore: yesssss, we WONNNNNN. huahuahua 😀

    amaL: resigned with integrity? hahhhhh. you know, that’s why i dont pay much attention to local politics, it just reeks of excessive stupidity. 😀

    but yeah, so that you know, balik ni aku register voting 😀 i’m a responsible citizen jugak 😀

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