Gotta Fag?

I really really am supposed to be studying cause the current cycle cekgu dia tarak buleh main punya but give me a min. I swear I’ll make a point.

Why do women smoke?

It’s not such a rare phenomena anymore, to see a lady in a slick two-piece business suit taking a long drag from her slim ciggie. Smoking among women has been made famous (and glamorous, perhaps?) by Audrey Hepburn in one of her most outstanding performances in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In that oldie, Audrey was dressed in an all black velvet dress, holding a cigarette holder in her hand, looking all posh and chic.

Hot chic

In Malaysia, most female smokers are youngsters (barely out of high school) and young adults, who happen to carry the smoking habit from adolescence. Most of these women choose the light selection from the cabinet. I seldom meet girls who have gotten the hang of Dunhill and Djarum, probably due to its strong and bitter essence.

Most women start smoking just like why men do. Peer pressure, as an outlet from stress, all of which leads to a certain level of addiction. Nowadays, fashion-conscious young women invent a new trend called the ‘feminization of smoking’ which considers being spotted with a ciggie in your hand when you’re dressed in your crisp Fendi as the ‘in’ thing. It is no more about pressure and stress, it’s about looking sleek and chic.

These ‘in’ girls normally choose from the range of Eve, Sobranie cocktails and Virginia Slims as their main smokes. These light ciggies come in slim rolls with purdy casing to boot and taglines that read ‘It’s a Woman Thing’ or ‘Every Inch The Lady’.

Let’s go back to the choice of cigarette ‘strength’. And the popular one is the ‘light’ edition, which is supposed to contain low tar and nicotine. Maybe it’s to satisfy the guilty conscience that is lurking or whatever. Let me enlighten you smokers, men and women alike: takde yang light nyeeee. The tobacco company tricks the smoking machine (which is supposed to measure the level of tar and nicotine per puff) by designing tiny vent holes on the filters (located between the tobacco and the butt). Most smokers are unaware of the vent holes and unintentionally squeeze the filter area with his/her lips of fingers, thus closing the holes. And the ‘light’ brand is converted into a regular smoke.

When the Ministry of Health issues scary warnings such as ‘Smoking Kills’, it is not to be as additional taglines and beautification either. There are about 4000 known chemicals and 36 known carcinogens (agents which cause cancer) in one puff of cigarette. Most smokers are aware of the age-old side effects of smoking: chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, oral and lung cancers, among others.  

Smoker’s lungs in their nice blackened shade

In women, its effects are doubled especially when pregnancy is concerned. Nicotine is a strong mutagenic agent, which leads to a disarray of DNA causing gene deformation and bla bla bla. In English, your genes are not perfect anymore, and so are your future children. When they say it takes two to tango, it usually is a singular responsibility when it comes to mutation in smoking. If both parents happen to be smokers, frown only on the woman. Why?

Spermatogenesis (sperm production process) in men takes place all his life and is a continuous process. In women however, oogenesis (egg/ovum production) completes its first course even before the female is born, storing up the immature eggs in the fetal ovaries. As the female grows, each egg undergoes maturation every menstrual cycle.

In short, men’s sperm get renewed every single time after being rid post every ejaculation while women’s eggs only undergo a face-lift from its old self. Therefore, the chances of the eggs being mutated is higher because they are trapped in the ovary with no possible refuge and overhaul.

Maternal smoking brings upon infertility and a lot of birth defects. Some may even lead to stillbirths and miscarriages. Smoking pregnant women cause distress to fetal blood circulation due to the carbon monoxide hogging the hemoglobin, leading to oxygen depletion to fetus. Oxygen depletion means impeding energy production. Impeding energy production means delayed metabolism. Delayed metabolism means restricted growth. Restricted grown means… You do the math.

When you are a woman, smoking does not only kill you. You have to be aware that you’re responsible of being the silent killer to your kid too.


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  1. Eddie says:

    one question doc
    kalu layan syisya la kan..masok dlm kategory ni tak??
    juz curious cos…..nevermind….hehhehe

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