Questionnaires & C Prodznikom

Nodee: Ya Rabbi, panjang na juak deng soklan tag kitak ya. And to think your mom was the one who came up with it 😀 your mom is uber cool lah. Send my regards to her, k?

And to answer to the q since esok pun cuti Hari Pahlawan ere in Ukraine, here goes.

1) Describe the perfect man in your own words.
Eh, honestly I find this very hard to answer. Hahha. The perfect man for me is the imperfect one, the one who’s willing to learn from experience and is not afraid of a challenge. I think it’s kinda adorable to see them stumbling while making a certain mistake :D. He must be the one who values time, therefore he should always be spotted wearing a watch almost all the time (saya suka tgk guys pakai jam, I dunno why). Somebody intellectual, who appreciates a good debate with me from time to time. Somebody who is willing to be a leader, at least to me and somebody who loves me as much as I am going to love him (sappy much? :P).

2) Most treasured moment(s).
One of it has gotta be during our first trip to S’wak, right after our dad was posted there. That time in 1994 was when all seven of us had the chance to vacation together for a full week. It was a rare occasion in Abu Bakar’s household since sorang skolah kat Perlis, lagi sekor college kat KL, another one working in KL jugak, lagi dua ekor masih dok bawah ketiak mak. So it was a sweet one while it lasted. It was also the last time I had spent time with my late brother, arwah Abg. Azrein. I’m glad we had that last time together cause at least I have something to hold on to after his passing. Al-Fatihah to him…

Another one was on my final night in UTP (notice every one of those memories have a certain finality in them?). After a hearty dinner with my cliques, I decided to pull a final stunt (I was the one paling sengal and suka carik pasal there) and suggested to them to raid the vacant guys hostel (Propana kalu tak salah aku) just for heck. So we kicked into ninja mode, all-stealth-like to avoid the makcik guard yang garang nak mampus. The hostel was empty and dark (duh, it was midnight after all) but there was one room yang lampu terpasang. Out of 40 something room, satu bilik ni jer lampu on. We threw in some theories: mat pet buat port kot, anak makcik guard tumpang tido ke, and finally we came to the ethereal/scary part of the theory, maybe ada makhluk tak berkaki dlm bilek tu. After gulping, we cabut down the stairs, passed by the toilet, got another heart attack cause tetibe je pintu toilet banged dengan sendirinya. We picked up our speed and ran all the way smp our own hostel. But out of that, we had fun laughing at our own retarded-ness and I think, it was a good bonding session. 😀

3) Childhood hero or heroin.
Err, Thundercats? Hahha. It was really my three older brothers. It had its perks being the only sister to the kaki pukul kawasan Selayang. Oh oh, not to mention sapa tak kenal Suzuki SS Fendy and Panther ABD Bg Meir. So sapa nak buli aku pikiaq 2-3 dulu. No wonder I turn out like this with brothers like em 😀

4) Childhood dreams.
To go for an extended vacation to Tioman with the rest of the Mero Attack team. Hahhaha, jauh sangat laa cita-cita aku tuh…

5) Ideal friend or partner.
Found plenty of the ideal friends already but still seeking (although may seem not actively, hahha) for the ideal partner. Any contender?

6) Ideal evening.
Clear night out + nasik lemak/gorpis bijan Kuala Perlis/teh peng + a guitar + my girlfriends/lovely companions = perfect.

7) Nobody knows that I am…
actually very sappy and Hallmark-y.

8) Biggest regret.
I never forget, but I move on. I never regret, but I repent. 🙂

9) My advice to mum.
Sila la bawak kereta pada had laju yang munasabah. Sekiranya anda terasa emergency nak pi toilet ketika memandu nak balik umah, bwk2 la berenti kat stesen minyak ka. Tapi takpa, mak aji laa the coolest mak yang dpt potong laki tua gendut bwk Perdana dgn Kenari cik mak yang comel. Hahha.

10) My advice to dad.
Sila la jangan berebut remote TV dengan anak mu bulan Julai dan Ogos ni ya. 😀

11) My advice to friends.
Kampai! 😀

12) My biggest fear.
When the chain of happiness breaks and sadness takes over.
Losing my support system.
When God turns His back on me cause of my own negligence. (mintak jauh mintak simpang).

13) My biggest lie.
I’m only 45 kg. Huahua.

14) What I don’t like about people/friends.
Hmm, I deal with people pretty well but I can’t stand those who like to point and leave the blame to others. Satu jari ko tunjuk kat orang lain, empat tunjuk balik kat diri sendiri kan?

15) Superstitions.
I think Alicia Keys sang it pretty well: What Goes Around Comes Around.

16) People like me because….
Err, I’m adorable? Comel? Kick-ass? 😀 I think people like PICKING on me cause I’m blur most of the time and definitely on the small-senang-buli type. But I bite. So be careful 😀

Tagging: Nore, Naz, AmaL (last tag pun blom buat!), Mynn, Eddie. Enjoy cracking your brain, people 😀


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