Spring Break

I just have to write this quickly before I dash to do some grocery shopping for the house. We’re even out of bawangs, man. No bawangs in a girls’ apartment is like frowned upon by all the emak-emak in Malaysia, trust me. My mom does. Anyway, Happy Labor Day to those you labourers out there. And Selamat Bertunang to my big bradah, Bg Meir. I’ll allow you to knock me dead in July 🙂

It’s Spring Break again. The long stretch of weekend is here. Yesterday we had the annual handball and tarik tali comp and I actually took part this year, well, not as one of the athletes, but as one of the paramedics (just saying it makes me feel all giddy like I’m Yang in Grey’s Anatomy. Huahua). Unfortunately, my housemates, Eid and Masy had long put away their uniforms to give way to the younger generation to perform. If you recall, those two won the handball championship two times in a row. Well, let’s just say the sportiveness doesn’t rub on to me (makes you wonder with all the football comments :D). Instead, Eid was elected as the head ref and Masy became one of the managers for one of the teams.

It being an all-girls competition, it tends to get messy. I’m speaking judging by how the finer halves of the world population do get a little bit emotional, although the sports is clearly held for us to enjoy and have fun. There was a little misunderstanding, discontentment with the admin’s choice of best player and keeper. Doesn’t mean the winning team also comes with the best player and keeper. You can’t say V/an D/er S/aar is the best goalie around cause Ferdinand, Evra, Heinze all do a good job in defending the line, that most of the time the ball doesn’t even get past the penalty box. Makes you wonder why they don’t invent such awards such as the best defender, eh? Doesn’t mean you tak bolos apa-apa makes you the best, for all that we know you’ve got one heck of a strong defense. If you’re not the freaking Azzurri maybe you should try better next year kan?

Makes me feel lucky I was only a paramedic there. Eid wasn’t as lucky. Hehhe. Cian dia…

A little off topic there. It was pretty nasty being the paramedic without adequate equipment but we managed. I almost screamed in frustration cause the admin didn’t supply us with ice. What kind of a sports meet was that kalau takde ais? When a girl got injured (her thumb was adducted at a very scary angle) I had to beg the makcik icecream to scrap some of the ice from her freezer. But thankfully the girl was an awesome tower of strength, she didn’t even flinch at the sight of her hand twisted like that. I was very much grateful, I wouldn’t know what to do if she started crying on me.


The ref and the manager

Since Eid and Masy weren’t playing, so I got a little bored come the afternoon plus there were lesser and lesser people getting injured, therefore I played hooky and dashed to the padang to join my classmates. We all turun padang to support one of our own, Pugunan in the tug-o-war meet.


Happy times (before the toenail pull-off)




*For Umar’s viewing pleasure :D* Looking good, Ipin!

I was bone tired I fell asleep watching Bleach last night. The horrors. Speaking of which, bankai seems to be sooo overrated these days. Alright, I’m gonna get myself some bawang. Taa~


6 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Eddie says:

    ko ni,jadi paramedic,larat ke angkat strecher..
    ke strecher angkot ko nehhh..hehehhe..
    thank for las week again…kamu sungguh baik hati (try promote ko ni,hahah)

  2. ika says:

    huuhuuuu…sedey giler case bulan nih.. aiyooo…market kat depan umah aje, p la angkut bawang seguni. ble tahan 3 bulan woo… “,)

  3. nodee says:

    hey kakak. bak kata Eddie tu, i’m wondering if you’re able to angkat that Murali 100KG guy if he were to pengsan ke ape on that day 😛

    i tagged you. sila sila jawab okay ^_^

  4. nore: chill chill… arsenal ngan chelsea hari tu was promising. seri even with only 10-men so we still have some hope left for FA. hehhe.

    umar: you know i always remember you when ipin is in the equation 😀

    eddie: ala, yang angkat stretcher aku suro budak laki laa. apa susah 😛 and saya tau saya memang baik hati. huahuahua…

    kak rika: huhuuuuu, BALEK CEPAT!!! i tak kira!!! i miss my shopping partner! you better balik, kalu tak summer ni i kerat you 37 pieces 😦
    p/s: i nak pi rinak dpn umah tu skrg pun dah malas cause you dah takde. setia tak i? 😛

    nodee: hey awak. ada ke buleh tag team ngan eddie tu? nak kena nih 😀 but i was not the paramedic for the tarik tali comp, only the girls’ handball je, so no worries 😀
    and answered your tag, hun. man that almost gave me a brain tumor cracking up the answers to it 🙂

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