Welcome Back, Joe Cole!

It was a fine evening yesterday in Stamford Bridge when The Blues cruised to victory over The Reds with 1 to nil contribution of Joe Cole at the 29th minute of the game.

It was glorious to see such a comeback from one of my favorite midfields. It was definitely not the same when Chelsea played without him when he was still healing from a surgery of his navicular bone.

The game last night and the day before had been the talk of town. Europeans and their football is really something. Yesterday’s game was very much engaging, both teams put much effort in attacks and defense but even an amateur like me could detect Chelsea slacking off during the second half of the game.

Liverpool was stronger than ever with Kuyt, Gerrard and Bellamy as the front men. Kuyt tried his luck around the 20th minute but his attempt was saved by Cech. It was almost funny seeing the goalie sporting a boxer head guard nowadays, probably to save himself from the same fate that occured to teammate Cudicini.


Stick and stones may hurt my bones, but the goalpost will never hurt me.

A few minutes later, Carvalho gained control of the ball, made a pass to Drogba, who pushed past Agger (this man has some serious anger management issues, by the way) and made a sling to Cole. The commentator’s scream was defeaning, I was seriously considering him being biased when he was supposed to be on neutral ground (but of course, as long as he’s a Blue fan, who cares ney?). The Ukrainian commentator even managed to insert a few snide remarks regarding his own non-performing countryman, Sheva.


I miss seeing his retarded dance after every goal. Nore, maybe you would want to fasten the tie 😀

Bellamy threw a tantrum on field after a collision with someone (with whom aku tak ingat) and was almost flashed the yellow card by the ref. I was personally glad that he was taken out and replaced by Crouch (citation needed cause my memory is only that of the human kind..).

Lagi satu player that annoyed the heck out of me was Zenden. Tatau kenapa.

The second half, as reported, was rotten. Benitez probably made use of the half-time to knock some bolts and nuts into places and as a result, Liverpool made incessant attacks on the Blues’ side. Thankfully, every one of them came in vain.

On another report, AC put up a disappointing show Tuesday night. I had the impression only Kaka was actively involved in actually TRYING to win. Although they were leading pretty well in the first half due to the Brazilian’s twin goals, the Red Devils caught up during the last minute, with Rooney scoring the third goal in the injury time. I mean, some people are just so freaking lucky.

You heard that Man U’s fans? It was all PURE LUCK. *Dodges random pots and pans*

But yes, as the old saying goes, the bola is pretty much bulat.

Let’s see how it goes in Anfield and Milan next time.


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