Shake Your Tailfeather

PT today was some steamy stuff. Hahha. Some of the Russian girls are having dance comp tomorrow so today was a full-dress rehearsal and boy, was it damn cekap to cuci mata just now. The costumes left little to the imagination, and when I said little, imagine transparent pantyhose on top of a black g-string, covered by a miniscule black loin cloth. And there were moves requiring them to spread their legs open and flash their undies to the spectators. It almost felt like being in a strip bar (not having the experience of being in one before, mind you :P).

According to a sports instructor in the stadium, strip dance is also considered as a sport. Yeah, I can imagine the amount of calories you use to throw your bra and thong across the room. Must be mind-numbing. Hahha.

On another hand, today is the starting of a new cycle: Sports Medicine. Nothing sporty about it, just that we spent hours fooling around the class with the sphygmomanometer (in layman’s term: the blood pressure meter) and measuring tapes trying to get the accurate anthropometrics measures of our body. I’ve been measuring patients’ blood pressure but it never crossed my mind to find out about mine as I have this notion in my head that I’m perfectly healthy and fine, and my blood pressure is the golden 120/80. Imagine the horrors I felt when Joo Ann told me my pressure was 100/50 after multiple trials. I am freaking hypotensive.

Due to the weird hypotension (but not exactly at pathologic level, thank God), my heart tries to compensate by pumping faster and my pulse is 90 even at rest. Whoa. Adakah kerana aku kering kerana jarang minum air? Or is it because of my sympatho-adrenal system refusing to behave and has been letting my vessels dilate all this while? Shucks. Mungkinkah saya juga seorang pesakit sekarang?

P/S Don’t miss the game between Man U and AC tonight. God Speed, AC.


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