Movie Review(s)

Warning: Major spoiler and angst ahead. 

I need to jot this down before it flees my mind.

We had just finished watching Kabhi Khurshy Kabhi Igam (pardon the spelling) and let’s just say, arghhh!!

Nevermind the fact that I tolerated the cheesy fact that it’s based loosely on a Hindustan movie (some sort of parody maybe?). Nevermind the fact that I tolerated the awkward musical scene where H/ans I/saac and Z/iana Z/ain danced to Phyr Bi Dil Hai Hindustani (bad job at mimicking lyrics and oh my, what’s up with the TIGHT black tank top? Were you trying to pull a Salman? If you were, congrats, you actually did, tapi mengapa Salman?? Eww!). Nevermind the fact that I honestly sat through the whole movie voluntarily without anybody’s influence.

I came out from the panggung wayang (Eid’s room actually) with one heck of a very bruised forehead cause of multiple tepuk-dahi moments. I mean, come ON.

1) The whole movie is like a very long slide show. It started with the twins in high school, tah tetiba a few minutes after that, dah 26 tahun, getting ready nak kawen. Then lompat lagi 3 tahun save the time when Igam served in Serenti. Lepas tu 6 bulan lagi after Karisma dah kawin. Haiyo. Can’t you stick to one timeframe?

2) The mandi scene? I’m sure lots of guys had a nosebleed watching Karisma/Erra bathing berkemban by the well. And it also hinted a moment of nudity (hint being the word here, people) when the camera showed Karisma dropping her drenched kain batik to the floor. Hotness. But the adegan mandi was so painfully slow, I mean, yes, it was trying to convey to the audience it being a, ahhem, stimulating scene, but on the reals, ada ke orang mandi syok sendiri curah air untuk satu tangan pun takes about five minutes? Ke aku je yang mandi kerbau?

3) The hottest dating spot: kat ladang kelapa sawit. WTH?

4) Pardon me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure drug trafficking leads you to jail in all countries kanApsal plak Igam kena hantar pi Serenti?

5) After Ziana was smacked (really, it was more like a slap only) by the potential perogol, she got a shiner on her right cheek but I swear dia kena tampar on the left. Hahha. And oh my, she took her own sweet time to come around. But kudos to her for attempting to elbow the attacker.

6) It was one thing Igam broke his engagement with Karisma. The girl waited for you for three freaking years, man. The least you could do is explain the situation to her rather than bringing humiliation to her family for the cancelled wedding. And it was another when Karisma’s mom accepted a proposal coming from a married man with five kids to replace Igam so that the wedding would still proceed as planned. I mean, married, five kids, also famous around the kampung as a wife beater. Hello? Tak mau malu pun agak-agakkk aa.

7) I think I/zi Y/ahya is such a good actor. I hated him to the core in Embun where he fondled U/mie A/ida to the max in the rape scene. The feeling rekindled again in this movie. He honestly knows how to sport the muka gila s*ks dengan berjayanya. The more I hate him the more I think he deserves a recognition for his remarkable acting.

8) Kitorang memang dah bajet Igam would accidentally tikam Karisma. And kitorang memang dah bajet last-last Khurshy tu pun mati skali.

Whoa, major angst. Can’t believe I ranted so much just on a freaking movie. And like I told you, Eid and Masy dah siap2 peeked at my face during the scene where Igam hurled Karisma away to detect any signs of tear-welling. Sungguh sengal. 😀 But Erra masih hot especially the mandi scene 😀

To recommend: tak kot. I give it 5 out of 10 stars. At least bagi pass lah

But I’d say give Tentang Bulan a try. Although it is based on childhood memories and not your typical angst/romantic Malay movie, the dialogues are real, the kids are cute (especially Ketot and thanks to him, I’m labelled as one now in my house) and the storyline works. Not to mention the appearance of D/r. F/aiz, the candidate for Malaysian astronaut is worth the watch. He’s somekind of cute jugak. Hahha.

Alright, back to the books 😉


9 thoughts on “Movie Review(s)

  1. omigoddddd….even tgk the trailer and bacer the review i tak larat…you tgkkkkk lagiii!!!!! tabek spring 50 kali okkkkk..hehehe, i think malay movies is just too much, i’m sorry to say laa..i dunno why..indonesian movies i can tolerate but malay, i dunno la, and dont say i dont sokong negara sendiri because i listen to malay songs all the time, but our movie industry really need to buck upp!! haha, sorry panjang cam tulis blog pulak di sini yer..hehe 😀

  2. Eddie says:

    cisss..makan cheessss..ade time nak layan movie lagi tuuuu…
    jelesnye aku!!!since working, takde mase lgsg for movie..siott arrr..
    dey tanggachi!!!how could u watch this movie la..tajuk pn dah jam tau!!!
    bukannye aku anti cite melayu ke..tapiiiiii….hahahahaha…cite camni….ntah pape arr…
    bagi aku arr, if movies by yasmin ahmad or afdlin shauki keee..boleh tahan lagi…ni cite kambing guling kambing kene gam…adoiiiiii…:D

    i predict you’ll bleed in 3 day time…hmmmm..;)

  3. naz says:

    Heyyyy I kat sini pun x tengok lagi la doc, I don’t have time! Goodness, I just realized I haven’t watched any of the movies listed in this entry. It doesn’t make me any less Malay does it? Heheh.

    Bagoslah you doc, one day we go watch Malay movie togeder-geder oke? Lepas tuh kita belasah bagi kritikan berilmiah(in layman’s term:KUTUK mana patut). We can also feeling duk tepi sawah sambil main layang-layang(dah tengok belum cite tu beb?).

    Very analytical aaa you, sila give more movie reviews yah!

  4. ‘Tentang Bulan’ mmg cute. Aku paling suka part yg budak gemuk tu having a wet dream for the first time.. kelakar.

    Tapi si ‘Zurina’ a.k.a Ina (yg couple dgn ‘Mawi’ :D) mmg pandai berlakon jadik budak pompuan hot. I mean HOT tau… bukannya CUTE.

  5. ‘Tentang Bulan’ mmg cute. Aku paling suka part yg budak gemuk tu having a wet dream for the first time.. kelakar.

    Tapi si ‘Zurina’ a.k.a Ina (yg couple dgn ‘Mawi’ :D) mmg pandai berlakon jadik budak pompuan hot. I mean HOT tau… bukannya CUTE. Besok besar budak tu bakal berlakon drama Yusuf Haslam la agaknya..

  6. mynnzach: hahha, chill la mynn. you’re allowed to rant as you please here. buat macam rumah sendiri ye 😀 i dunno what came over me; bosan sgt gamak nye. i’d watch a malay flick anytime over russian poyo nyer reality TV ok? i agree with you; malaysian movie industry really needs a lot of improvement and creativity.

    eddie: muahhahha, ni semua awek ko nyer pasal la ni! diorang yang bwk balek movie tu. but yep, if i were left alone with the movie sumpah aku tak tgk. probably i watched it just to spend time with them kot 😀 and noooo, you’re wrong. whu do you think i put up last post?? 😛

    naz: ahhaha, anytime you feel like some movie bashing, go ahead and dial 1-800-laily ya? feeling tepi sawah?? movie apakah itu?? tapi mcm familiar… *kantoi* and yep, the doktor angkasawan itu adalah agak comel ya? hihi.

    amaL: ko laa punya salah pasai tak antor stok vcd kat aku. teeheehee 😛

    kak arni: right on! zurina tu kecik2 pun dah pandai berlakon jadi hot. must gonna grow up to be a heartbreaker, that one. and regarding the usop haslam remark, you’re so right! hahha. maybe sembilu 8 perhaps? we’ll see…

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