Menstrual Myths

It’s that five bloody, pain-staking days of the month again.

I have a lot of girlfriends who suffer from painful menses. While most of them are not medics, they often post questions regarding what-to-do/what-not-to-do during menstruation. Some menstrual pains are so bad the women are confined to bed rest for the whole day. The pain nags and nabs on you leaving you moody for the rest of the day. Hence, the birth of PMS. Although us women can’t put the blame on PMS all the time for acting moody/crybaby-ish/or downright bitchy, it helps if the people around us are aware of the situation of what the women are enduring. Menstruation is a perfectly normal rhythm of a woman and is not something to be ashamed of and something to blush about.

The pain level is varied in different women. Some have high pain threshold level, therefore first-day of menses may appear like any other normal days for them. Some produces high amount of prostaglandins, the chemical substance responsible for the feeling of pain. It leads to hyperreactivity of the uterus and causes lower abdominal cramps.

There are many myths in our society regarding menstruation. I myself grew up with plenty of them. I understand while not all of them are completely bogus, some of them actually makes sense.

1) Don’t wash your hair during menses – bogus. Why? During menses, the hormones produce more sweat and sebum than usual. Greasy hair will never be an in look ever, yo. Just be careful as not to wash your hair with cold water because cold temperature may increase the contraction of the uterine wall, hence the cramps.

2) Do not drink cold beverages while menstruating – ditto. Refer above.

3) You should eat more to compensate the blood loss during menses – not so bogus. May have a point here. Although women do not exactly fall to the level of anemic during menstruation, it helps to restore especially the level of iron in the body. Eat more green-leaves vege and liver.

How to alleviate the pain:

1) Do not stay mobile. Distract yourself by doing chores, housework or even exercising. Opt for exercising because apart from providing you the adrenaline rush, it also stimulates the production of endorphin: the ‘natural painkiller’. You can kill two birds with a stone by physical exertion as you can also burn off the excessive calories and improve the whole blood circulation.

2) While pills may work, you may also be addicted and be depended on the pills for the rest of your life. Instead, replace the drugs with natural remedies, for example ginger ale hot tea, ginsengs and Nona Roguy herbal oil (hahha, promoteeee).

3) According to Dr. House: watch porn. It increases the said endorphin level. Of course, you have to have some sort of reaction to it, it won’t work if you fall asleep in the middle of the story line. Warning: do not try this at home if you’re not alone. Hahha.

4) Just have a positive mindset and everything will be fine. It is not true everything will be doomed just because you’re having a PMS. Eat healthily, drink plenty of plain water and keep up to the hygienic practice.

Of course, if the pain gets too unbearable, I would advice for a medical consult. Severe menstrual pain can be a symptom to many gynecological pathologies. I hope this entry can be helpful to my readers out there: women and men alike.


8 thoughts on “Menstrual Myths

  1. Eh I didn’t know about 1 and 2. Thankfully my menses aren’t so painful and hopefully it stays that way! But yea, I know a lot of people who rely on the pills.

    Segmen ‘Tanya Doktor’
    Doc, how do you explain the constant hunger just before menses? It’s insane how much I pig out.

  2. umar says:

    Hey Dr. comei, thanks for the insight into the strange world of the female-that-time-of-the-month syndrome. Guys all over the world should have access to this info, it would make it easier to deal with their female counterparts…..

  3. yuni says:

    ahah. i had really really bad PMS since i started work..could it be becoz of the stress? uhuhu…usually men would be my vics, especially poor Emry. heheh. oweiz get fed up whenever i use the PMS excuse.. lesen besar he said. haha.

  4. zakzak says:

    nak tanya skit, nona roguy herbal oil tu camne nak pakai?
    i’d like to buy this herbal oil for my girl friend if it is really that good.
    it’s a win-win situation, she doesn’t have to bear all menstrual pain, and i don’t have to be the punching bag every month hahaha

  5. Eddie says:

    For your info, I used to have this skill to predict if you’re having PMS…biarlah pura2 tak sakit ke…mmg aku dpt predict..Accurate tauuuuu..heheh..tapi dah karat arr skill tu sskg…

    Wow, didnt know watching porn can be a good thing after all, you might wanna look into what they can help budak2 lelaki pulak..hahaha…i’ll be waiting for your post on this…

    Nona roguy,satu2nye minyak angin yg aku tak koya kalu bau. I hate minyak angin especially minyak cap kapak!!!!…tuiiiiiiiiiiii….

  6. naz: it’s the hormones, baby. totally normal, don’t freak out 😀 i pun get insanely hungry right before menses. semua benda nak balun kalu buleh 😀

    umar: dr. comei eh? hahha, if you’re trying to get into my good book you have soo succeeded. well, my pleasure regarding the 411. now you understand if the females around you throw tantrum not to take them seriously cause it’s all HORMONES 😛

    yuni: yep, i think stress could be a factor. plus, have you been eating right? make sure your menses is regular with normal flow, and don’t forget to mention it to your doctor if it gets too painful. and i got what you mean: we can bitch at guys and they won’t take heart too much. if we bitch at girls abeh laaa, perang dunia laa 😀

    zakzak: well, according to the prescription written on the bottle, it’s for external use only. but my mom has been tipping a few drops into her tea and i’ve done the same too and so far alhamdulillah hidup lagi 😀 there are multiple ways to apply the oil, one being for massage. apply in lower abdomen and spine for menstrual cramps. and err, there are other uses, more intimate than just external massage but i’m sure the nona roguy dealer will go into details when you buy from them 😀

    Eddie: berbakat jugak ko ye? one of my guy classmates siap buleh hapal our cycle lagi. siap dia yang bagi warning ‘i think in two days you’ll bleed’. scary and weird at first, tapi skrg dah jadik mcm calendar. hahha. regarding the benefits of watching porn to the male species, isn’t it a little TOO obvious? 😛 and yeah, the smell okay lah though ada jugak orang tak buleh tahan. i guess you’re just weird kot 😀

  7. I’m just searching web trying to help my girlfriend who is in agony in bed at side of me right now.
    i’ve told her to watch porn but she isnt too keen on that lol
    she does like the “eat more” idea though

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