Food Ravishing and Other Stuff

Weekend was great. In fact, it is so great it’s prolonged til Monday. Hee. Easter and the great holiday it brings 😀

I feel like tempting your salivatory glands so here goes:


Mideastern-styled shashliks captured during our makan-makan usrah session last week. Homemade ok?


Nasi ayam taken during yesterday’s Jelajah Benua session

I’d say you have a really strong stomach if it’s not growling by now.

The shashliks were barbequed right on our kitchen, no BBQ grills involved. For the first time we’re thankful that the Ukrainian fire department is sloppy when it comes to their smoke detectors. Kalu tak, banjir rumah aku.

Jelajah Benua is a program where a bunch of us were given the chance to travel into the suburbs of Simferopol to explore one of the Tartarian villages there. An interesting way to strengthen the Islamic bond, to venture new territories and to meet new faces.

And the view: I think I’m head over heels.

Acres and acres of green fields with a river flowing amidst them, the water sparkling under the brilliant sun.

The nasi ayam was shared with 5 fellow sisters so don’t get a heart attack. It tasted as good as it looks, terima kasih pihak penganjur. Also thank you for the extra nasik, extra ayam, extra sup, extra sambal dan extra kicap 😀


I always looked like I was about to jump on Eid. Haih. And Eddie, last row two from the right is my gift for you. Huahua.


Yours truly in all her retardedness glory. Pardon the color vomit. Color co-ordination is not my strongest forte.

And I completed my weekend by going down to the indoor stadium to root for my classmates who took part in the 2-day badminton competition. We’ve got some Taufik Hidayat and Lee Wan Wah in the making. 😀 All sorts of sound effects were heard as Aaron smashed, Shashi skidded, Amoi split, Pavala squealed and Joo Ann jumped. The funniest cheer came from Joo Ann’s boyfriend who shouted “Joo Ann, take out your bankai!”. I think too much Bleach rots his brain 😀

Hidup therapy cycle dan kelas dua jam je sehari!


8 thoughts on “Food Ravishing and Other Stuff

  1. Huwargghhhh sungguh menyelerakan gambar makanan itttewwww! Memang saje jee kaaaaann letak gambar tu????? You have no idea how crazy I can get when I start to mengidam makanan, I go all out oke! Hahah. I cannot imagine myself when I get pregnant.

    Btw, jeans and neon green match apa!

  2. Eddie says:

    whoa,u guys really can cook!!
    ingat kan kat sane disebabkan kekurengan rempah ratus..
    takle korg masak mende2 yg heavy camni…cayalah u guys!!!
    and the most important thing…
    Thank You very much for the gift…sungguh aku suke skali!!!

    Hmm,jeans plus green…wah,sungguh lucu…hehehehe

  3. amal says:

    despite the urm.. gross colour coordination and what not.. hahahhaa.. u’re still the cutest eva……!!!! ok.. i sounded too lesbo there.. hua hua hua..

    okeh, balik nih aku amik ko kat airport.. ko plak balik umah masak tuk aku.. ok x?

  4. umar says:

    aduhai mek, seriously, the food pics made me wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too lapar. Making me want to go back and get myself invited over to your house really bad now. How bout mee kari? hahahah

  5. mynn says:

    hey pretty girl, now i know what you look like..aha..pathetic sungguh kawan mu ini 🙂 and by the way…omigoddddddd those meat-on-stick-thingyss…maaaahuuuuuuuu!!!!

  6. LaiLy says:

    naz: haikkk, if i remember correctly awak yang ckp awak suka tengok gambar makanan kan? so sape suro green light? teeheehee. and thank you for understanding my weird fashion sense 😀

    eddie: weyhh, nak makan hendak seribu daya beb. awek mu tuh bab2 masak ni nombor satu, tapi taktau mcm mana keringggg gak orangnya 😀 tak cukup rempah ratus tuh tak buleh dijadikan alasan maaa

    amaL: thanksssss, hahhaha. yep, if i ever have my sexuality confused, i’d say you be afraid, be deathly afraid. hahhaha. on je masak tuh, but you be my driver for two months okeh?

    umar: hahha, yeah, like you see my forehead tattooed with the word ‘chef’ and i see yours with ‘driver’. okay sangatttt. ko nak mee kari satu lori pun buleh kalu camtu 😀

    B: but cute penguins so yeah, who complains? 😀

    nore: yup, cant wait but i think chelski must be veryvery careful this time around although livpool is famous for it’s sekejap-turun-sekejap-naik performance. may the force be with us. Amin.

    mynn: pretty ke awak? hehhe… and kalu nak nanti jommm i balek mesia kita bbq ramai2 😀

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