6 Weird Things About Me

Thanksss Naz for diverting my brain from the ongoing O&G cycle. It took me awhile to figure these out cause contrary to popular beliefs, I ain’t all that queer. 😀

1) I can wake up to the sound of my alarm, but I am totally dead to a person’s voice. I sleep in the most peculiar position, one time I sleptover at my pet kakak’s and she told me I slept with my legs crossed Indian style (while lying down) and my arms crossed over my chest for the whole night. It was like I was doing yoga in my sleep (although I have no idea how to in lucid condition).

2) If Naz takes her own sweet time unfolding creases from her bills, I am used to stuffing my money straight into my pockets together with the coins and receipts. I seldom bring my wallet around especially here in Ukraine and I only bring my cards with me when I need them. This is due to the high pick-pocketing rate here and I happened to be one of the victims four years ago. I used to be a sucker for pretty wallets then but after the incident, I couldn’t be bothered.

3) One of the best times I had with my mother while growing up was not of her giving me hugs and kisses. In fact, the most vivid memories of my childhood are the times when my mother spent time at least once a week to clean my earwax. Sounds disgusting but I really loved putting my head on my mom’s lap while she prodded with a metal ear-digger for my solid wax. Mental images? No? Hahha… And I absolutely love the feeling of the digger scraping my ear canal to relieve the itch. Although I’m not pretty sure how orgasm feels like, I’m quite certain it is almost similar to the one I experience every time I clean my ear.

4) I may appear tough (ha! What a joke!) but my lacrimal glands always betray me at the most ridiculous of times. I even cried watching Over The Hedge. Not the wailing, ‘It’s unfair!’ howling kind of crying complete with the hiccups, mind you. Over the years it has become an inside joke and some sort of a betting between my friends to see whether I would end up with tears welling in my eyes after watching a certain movie. Heck, I even cried watching J. Lo and Marc Anthony’s No Me Ames vidclip (but you gotta admit the vidclip is some kind of sad, right? Right? No?)

5) I like ogling at pretty girls and I am not going to cross this statement out. 😀 No, I am positively straight and I’m not too hot for lesbianism either, but there’s nothing wrong about appreciating God’s creation, right? And rather than getting ridiculously jealous of the long legs, tanned skin and sweeping eyelashes, I ogle at them. My current stalkerish obsession is Sada Mayumi of Hana Yori Dango.


Her hawtness makes even the daun pisang seems appealing

6) It is a known fact that a lot of people lose their appetite and mood when they are in their sick bed. However, this fact does not agree with me. My appetite preserves and so does my mood. Maybe I will be a bit less talkative, but I definitely don’t throw tantrums (doesn’t apply where PMS is concerned though :D). I even eat the usual nasik rather than the routine porridge for the sick. To conclude, I am your dream patient.

Weird? No? Told you I’m of sound mind :D. Hereby I pass the baton unto thee:



Kak Tiha





9 thoughts on “6 Weird Things About Me

  1. Hey I had quite a few moments of no.3 as well! Now my little brothers pulak dapat. At one point, it was also head lice!

    And the reason I crossed it out was because it didn’t seem so weird anymore. Believe me, all girls do it, even mynn. Kan kan kan mynn? Sape x ngaku dia tipu!

  2. umar says:

    Hahaha, your whole appreciation of the female race is a sure turn on for guys la mek, also it helps that you can give feedback on the whole ‘do you think she’s hot?’ question. 😉

  3. what? hun, you’re tagging me? hey, i don’t do weird stuff okay! and am certainly not weird! okay okay… *sulk* i’ll write when i’m free. lol.

    balik cepat bleh x? can’t wait for a ‘movie bashing’ session. wahahaha….

    btw, umar.. i think she’s damn hot 😉

  4. Eddie says:

    hmmmm..bagi aku
    the 5th yg paling interesting…
    kalu aku bace ayat 1stje,hahaha..tau la kan ape yg aku akan assume…hehehe
    haaa,kite ade persamaan yg 3rd tuu..
    nikmat telinge dikorek..oh mama,dah lame tak mengorek telinge aku!!!
    mmg sedap seyyy,org cam kite je tau betape nikmatnye kan..

  5. naz: wahhahha, glad i found a mutual friend who agrees on number 3 😀 but never head lice for me. huahua. and regarding the female ogling, much true, but not entirely true 😀 i’m pretty sure my best girl amal is still weirded out at the thoughts of girls admiring girls. heehee.

    umar: whoaa, am sure don’t know how to respond to that one, but yeah, i rock, i guess? wahhahha

    amaL: of course you’re not weird, hun. bizarre je. kofkoff. and wait up, coming back ASAP (as soon as my finals permit me).

    and who’s hot? me? sada mayumi? i gotta agree to both cases though. hahha

    eddie: wahhahha, then don’t that just scare you plus the fact that i live with your girlfriend?? 😀 and yes, right on. korek telinga adalah sangat nikmat ok. hehhe.

  6. I’m curious about no.3, I remember a Chinese American girl said almost the same thing, favorite time was when her mom cleaned her ears.

    I research human biology, and know that East Asians and (red) American Indians generally have dry hard ear wax due to genetically reduced amount of squalene, a kind of skin oil (also found in shark livers), while most other humans (Africans, Europeans) have soft wet ear wax with larger amount of squalene.

    I didn’t know that this reduced squalene caused ear wax to become itchy. That makes me wonder why it was lost in the first place among Asian folks. Can you think of any advantage to have dry ear wax?

    Maybe the genes that control earwax squalene also control the apocrine (scent) glands… not sure, but I think both African and European males tend to be more aromatic than east Asian males due to more active apocrines. Hmm, I guess I’ll review the scientific papers on this. 🙂

  7. dd says:

    Ear wax

    Ear wax contains Cerumen (waterproof) & Squametes (water absorbing).

    Cerumen is the oil, Squametes are the dead skin flakes.

    The greasiness of ear wax is determined genetically.

    East Asians typically have “dry” or hard ear wax – 20% cerumen,
    Europeans & Africans have “wet” or greasy ear wax – 50% cerumen.

    Cerumen is produced in the outer one half of the ear canal, the tunnel leading from the hole in the external ear to the eardrum. The ear canal is about one and one-half inches in length. The skin of the outer one half does not have sweat glands but instead has glands that make cerumen.

    Skin in the ear canal is identical to external skin in all other respects, however external skin, due to friction (clothing, swimming, movement) and drying, sheds squametes (skin flakes) regularly, while ear canal skin has no friction so the cerumen acts as a migratory agent, pushing dead skin outward from the ear.

    Weird huh?

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