Love: Peugeot 407 Elixir

This wooshed past me as I was walking back from lecture just now.


I wonder how much my kidney can go up to in Sotherby’s. Do they auction body parts there in the first place?

Surgery cycle: checked. O & G (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) next. Ack. And the hospital is at the other end of the world too.

Today was a cycle break, so I busied myself by watching C/i/nta M/edik and attending a surgery lecture in which I ended up playing tetris at the back seat.

I know I’ve commented about it once, but I just can’t seem to leave the series alone. Maybe it’s a love and hate situation. Who knows. C/inta M/edik screams ‘lack or research’. I almost hurled my Mr. Bean teddy at the monitor when Fikri @ Dinzly-whatchamacallit told Khai that the comic (it’s called manga laa sengal, if you claim to know so much) he was reading centers around medical world. Sejak bila plakk Bleach is about medic?? And he said those comics are in Japanese, sedangkan the copy he was holding nampak sangat the Malay version cause the Japanese manga is published in a magazine called Shonen Jump and dia tak kontot ok?

Marah btol aku orang buat main pasal Bleach. Muahhahha.

Nasib baik the casts seperti B/aizura K/ahar dan R/aja F/arah are hot-hot belaka.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of old school boyband songs. Don’t snicker. I know you guys doulu-doulu pun layan jugak BSB and 911 kan? Here are the top five lagu boyband yang layannn (at least to me lah).

1) How Deep Is Your Love by Take That. I can even play the keyboard to this song, ok?

2) Fiona by 4U2C. Hai Fiona… Hai Joe… Wahhahha.

3) 10,000 Promises by BSB. So I listen to BSB. And I shall die in shame. 😀

4) Rahsia Pohon Cemara by Exists. Right. I dare you to laugh. I have a very sharp scalpel in my drawer, if you dare to laugh.

5) I Swear by All 4 One. Acapella at its best.

I think I’ll go and download Hanson now.


8 thoughts on “Love: Peugeot 407 Elixir

  1. eh ader one more, Girl on TV by LFO…should go listen that one cam comel..hahaha
    and bleach pasal medical world? oh dear *faints* hehehe
    i posted pics at my blog along with that thai guy! haha luckily dier tak bacer blog saya…
    eh oh yer kat sini ader peugeot 206 yg cute jugak, and i think you dont have to sell your kidney for it thoughlaa..:D

  2. Hey what’s up with the boybands laa? Reminiscing the past is it? Haha… xpe we all had our boyband moments kan. I’m pretty sure I have a BSB cassette (cassette okay!) somewhere.

    Downloading Hanson’s I Miss You Like Crazy is it? Wahahah. Don’t forget Blue oke? They were pretty cool too back then. :p

  3. i just watched cinta medik (hey, my mom watched it ok).. i just happened to be around. lol. lame lovey-dovey series with no substance of ANY medical theories AT ALL. hahha, well.. that is kind of… urm.. expected eay?

  4. Eddie says:

    Wat!!!!Cinte medik!!!Suxxx weyyyy!!!
    Ntah pape ar cite tu,camne la ko boleh layan…
    Dah takde cite lain ke haaaa
    HAHAHA,those where the days kan,layan boy band…

    “What about your,your 10,000 promises,that you gave to me, your 10,000 promises, that you promise me”…..

    hahahah,tapi mase dolo2,my fav was Hanson..MMMMMBBBOOOPPPPPP….

  5. umar says:

    Baizura kahar is so hot damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Raja Farah is also so hot damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    On another note ” Eh, sori la Joe , Fiona tak boleh keluar, Fiona kena belajar……” whahahahahahahaha

  6. LaiLy says:

    mynnzach: are you kidding? girl on TV was like my anthem or something when i was in form two! i can’t believe i forgot to mention that one 😀 thanks for reviving the fangirlism in me, babe 😀

    and abt the thai guy, i could see why you’re attracted to him? hehhe, go for it lah mynn!

    naz: i honestly dont know why 😀 but yes, we had our boyband moments but i would never straight out admit it… and bsb is ok also, my fave was AJ mclean. hee…

    amaL: itu laa pasal! hey, we should sit together and watch it when im back home and let’s do some drama bashing, baby!

    eddie: woot! you even hafal the song? cayalah lu, anne! how about ‘spanish eyes’ ko hapal tak? hehhe and memang laa the drama sucks but at least entertaining lah if you need something to ridicule and laugh at 😀

    umar: hahhahha, i knew it! they are some kind of hot, aren’t they? and to think that raja farah nih 18 je. and yessss about the lyric! aku nak letak yang tu but lupa time tu. cayalah ko layan 4u2c 😀

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