I don’t know why but my muse seems to be overflowing during this surgical cycle. I’ve never considered surgery as a favorite subject, probably due to the fact that watching operations always bored me (all the blood and gore can get old sometimes, trust me). But surgical cycle in J.D. Hospital is something else. All sorts of weird operations take place. We had the rectocystectomy last week as an excellent example.

Today, we scrubbed in for a leg amputation. I was subdued by the fact that although the patient will Insya Allah get better after the op, he will wake up missing one extremity which had been a part of him all his life. Losing your tonsils or appendix is like losing a quarter to us middle-class people, but losing a leg, losing a limb is like giving up a priceless treasured gem.

The patient was very thin, nearing cachexic (def by wiki: loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness and anorexia (a significant loss of appetite – not anorexia nervosa) in someone who is not actively trying to lose weight) although I’m not so sure as to what. We weren’t told of his anamnesis morbi (medical history) except for the fact that he’s losing his leg due to obliterating atherosclerosis (OA). OA is a disease with high morbidity within the middle-aged men (40-60 years olds) usually as a result of hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol level in blood) .

No photos today, the image would be either too gruesome for wordpress approval and plus, we didn’t actually obtain a verbal agreement from the patient. Somehow it scares me the fact that nowadays I’m basically able to stomach anything in the operation room. Is that normal? Not to feel even the slightest eerie and nauseous feeling at the sight of blood and gut? Some girls cringed just now, even one or two of the guys. Does indifference to all the gore make me less human?

You could say that today’s operation did dampen the mood.

And I finally got a remedy for my sleeping sickness. I swear sometimes I honestly think there’s a tsetse fly breeding in my room. Apahal la mengantuk je memanjang?


Sleeping remedy specially imported from Msia.

On another note, we had another potluck last Sunday. Yeah, I know. What’s with us and makan-makan, right? Chicken curry ala Pavala, fish cooked in four different Chinese style ala Amoi, chicken balls cooked in oyster sauce ala Joo Ann and sambal sotong ala moi. Shashi baked a vanilla cake and I put in a banana cake. No photos cause as always, semua pelahap di luar tahap norma.

And my housemate has officially started her chicken kebab business today. See? See? How am I supposed to lose weight if i’m surrounded by people who are equally obsessed with food as I am? Being the ever-supportive housemate that I am, whoever’s interested to experience the Oriental taste of chicken kebab buzz me on MSN. Deliveries done during lecture.

I think I’m still feeling slightly low. I can’t imagine how the pakcik must be feeling.


4 thoughts on “Loss

  1. naz says:

    Aih why no food pics? I love food entries!

    There’s this kedai Arab on campus that sells yummy pide and shawarma. So sedappp okay, saya sgt sukaaaaaaa!

  2. Eddie says:

    aku still ade cite2 nak jadi doctor plus i do layan greys anatomy bagai nak menggile buttttt after listening in detail about your previous entry plus this one, it makes me think twice..hmmm,rasenye ade hikmah why I did not get the chance to study medicine..cos seeing ferrero roche coming out the arse and the process of amputating makes me almost puke…not becos geli ke ape,cume gelak bagai kucing kehilangan bulunye..heheheh..

    owh,let me share with you a remedy for your sleeping sickness,my style!!memule,ko kene baring atas lantai pastu guling depan, belakang, kiri and kanan..kalu ngantok gak, you should try doing the backstroke style, pretend to swim on the floor.Works for me…

    i wonder, which one of your housemate yg rajin sgt masak kebab ni..hmmm???

  3. naz: hehhe, when eating sapa teringat nak amik gambar?? i got some food pics in my phone later laa i upload for your viewing pleasure kay? good luck exam dear!

    eddie: oi, ada ke gelakkan org ilang kaki?? ko nih nak kena dengan aku nih! 😀

    and macha, mana buleh guling-guling dalam lecture hall maa. tu bukan lecture hall yayasan ayah aku 😀

    kak arni: sungguh btul dan sungguh setuju!

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