Food and Fat

Memandangkan Miss Akmal has already been bugging me about updating, so here goes. Life was uneventful, same ol’ same ol’. Went for a trip up north to a port city called Odessa (try googling it up) to hunt for food (not to say Simferopol tak cukup food ration but you get what I mean). So we made use of the extra long weekend (Women’s Day fell on Thursday, dean’s office was extremely cool as to cancel the Friday class too), bought a return train ticket to Odessa and off we went.

We spent Women’s Day on Odessa. Arrived at the train station at the wee hours of morning around 6, hung out at McD and did our thing before heading out to hunt for rooms for rent. We saw guys bringing flowers on every turn. Aiyo. Hahha, one of the times when I really really mind about being single. Hee. But the feeling didn’t last long though. Just that fleeting thing you have sometimes, you know. During the train ride pun, while us girls were sitting at the wagon cafe sipping chai with the guys on the other booth, the waitress told us to demand the guys to pay for the chai when we asked her for the cheque. Funny tak? To them, Women’s Day is a day so sacred, every woman deserves a special treatment, a day where all the ladies are treated like the queen on the throne. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy the free cup of chai, when Pugunan grudgingly paid for us. It didn’t help that one cup of chai cost 5grivens in the wagon cafe. Talk about skinning your wallets.


Jahat, sengaja je amik gambar macam tangga. Pfft. 😀

Nothing that interesting in Odessa, besides the fact that the weather was sunny and perfect (although the air was still chilly). Lots of walking done but of course we compensated it by pigging out 200grivens worth of food. No kidding wey. Makan non-stop. I think Amal must be having a heart attack. 😀

Academically-concerned, it’s Surgery cycle now. The hospital is a 10-min walk from my house, even if I leave at 7.5o pun still sampai awal. I like surgery cause it’s simple, doesn’t require that much of drug-name memorising, and all the lecturers are so sweet and baik. In fact, if you’ve been reading my blog for the past two years, you’d recall an entry revolving around teachers, intramuscular injection and butt-patting. 😀 The very same teacher is teaching in the department. I don’t like surgery cause I have to wear the weird bahili (shoe covering thingy) and the breaks are soooo long I’d rather balik rumah and tido.

Most of the operations done here involve hernias (protrusion of internal organs through weak places on the abdominal and pelvic walls), cholecystitis (gall bladder inflammation), cholelithiasis (batu hempedu, simply put) etc. The other day we had the chance to witness a herniotomy of multichamber hernia. This makcik must have weighed at least 100kg, and I think the etiology (reason) for the hernia development could be due to obesity. Obesity leads to overstretching of abdominal wall muscles, over time become flabby and weak, can be easily protruded.

To give an idea how a hernia looks like

So next time when we look at the tempting sup gearbox, takpun kari kambing or super greasy satey and roti canai, we would be reminded how the fat would turn into solid layers, stored between the skin and fascias of our muscles, causing damage to our abdominal wall, which leads to our intestines start poking out of nowhere.

But again, maybe another day before I start dieting. Kofkoff. Cannot laaa. How not to eat nasik for one day?? I’m a typical Malaysian, okay? Can you tell me how to survive on a rice-less diet for a day without turning sotong-like?


4 thoughts on “Food and Fat

  1. yuni says:

    ok ,that picture,is really scary..wth is that? usus eh? my God..could it be because of the obesity?? alamak…uhuhuh..

    ko tgk heroes tak? There is an Odessa in US. where a cheerleader with invincibility power lives. i wanna go home and watch heroes~~ wuhuuu..

  2. Eddie says:

    hohohoh,nampaknye aku dah kene start diet ni, definately takmo bonjolan2 abnormal die perut ku!!! i can go without rice for a day,in fact a week pn pernah sampe, so no prob nak kurus..ngeeheheheh

    Heyyyy,tak tau plak yg ko ni kecik@cinonet..hahahah..that picture tells everything..negegegge…org tue2 kate, org kecik2 ni kuat kentut..btol ke??

  3. LaiLy says:

    yunay: oh yep, i watch heroes alright 😀 but it’s getting a tad bit bosan laa now. am still waiting apa si hiro nakamura is up to. and no dear, this is a different odessa we’re talking about. hehhe.

    eddie: whaaa? go without rice for a week? buleh mati aku jawabnye 😀 no way man. i love rice too much 😀

    hohho, regarding the ‘kecik’ comment, yeah, i am that. sobsobb. but i beg to differ the kentut comment. ada ke?? apsal lak makin kecik makin tinggi kandungan methane?? merepek sgt laa tuhhh 😛

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