Random Galore

I feel like whining, but it can only get me so far. Hee. I’m okay for those who are concerned, except for the pyrexic temperature and the itchy throat, I’m dandy. Gosh, that just screams ‘attention’, doesn’t it?

Let’s go by last week chronologically, shall we?

1) Remember the CNY makan besar I spoke about last entry? Here’s a couple of pics. (I forgot to take the food shots cause everybody got retarded and super excited that we wolved down everything before we teringat the existence of camera).


L to R: LaiLy, Lau Kong, Amoi, Joo Ann, Aaron, Pavala, Shashi

Pugunan was MIA that evening cause he overslept (notice the irony of the sentence? evening n overslept?). Ketua klas (Pavala) and I personally went to help Shashi wake the boyfriend up to no avail. The next day Pugunan told me he heard me calling him in his dreams. That wasn’t a dream laa mangkuk 😀


2) Then, on the weekend the MCA hosted a CNY celeb at the main hall aka Dom Kultura. Kudos to Mr. President, Loh Wei Chow and committee cause that was definitely paling superb punya CNY celeb I’ve ever been too (or maybe cause I won the lucky draw sebab tu it was superb? Hahha). I got retarded cause I’ve never striked a lucky draw before. Wei Chow the Prez dok tersemput-semput tahan gelak when I went up to take my prize from him. Later I found out that the prize is this:


Apakah, right? I mean, a box of mandarin oranges would be cool, a red packet would be lovely, but a pair of toddler’s shoes?? I don’t even want to overanalyze. Ick. But nevertheless, thank you. Might be of use in later years kot?

3) Pediatric cycle was a wrap last Friday. It was fun mingling with the kids but like I’ve stressed before, I don’t see myself as a pediatrician in the future cause contrary to popular beliefs, I have a soft spot when it comes to kids. I can deal with adult patients and even their cases of death, but when it comes to witnessing kids suffering from terminal illnesses just breaks your heart, you know? Anyway, the patients in T/i/t/o/v/a Hospital were very charming and cute, and you just can’t help but went aww when you saw those little boys and girls beaming at you (with good faith that you were trying to help treat them sedangkan to ingat their pulse norm pun aku terkial-kial).

For the last three weeks my brekkie was mashed potatoes and omelette. The cashier was a b, and demanded small change every time. As if five griven is not small enough. One thing about the cafes and canteens here are that they are so bodoh in business. Which peniaga gerai in their right mind kat Msia won’t have small change ready every morning? Not having loose change is like business suicide, man. And on the last day, the cashier accused me of stealing a muffin. A muffin, for goodness sake. I was so mad I almost threw a fit in front of of the whole customers. And it turned out somebody else mistakenly took the cursed muffin and the psycho lady accused me of tipu-ing her when I asked NICELY why my muffin tak sampai-sampai. Hello, if I ever had so much of an impulse to steal pun, I won’t steal a muffin, for effin’s sake. I swear I was so mad I almost had pharyngospasm I lost my appetite. Stupid lady.

4) On a brighter note, winter has come to an end, I believe (crosses fingers). It wasn’t as bad as last year, thankfully.

5) *Warning: Spoiler of Grey’s ahead*. I was oddly happy when Grey drowned (refer Grey’s Anat Season 3 Ep 16). No, I was not happy to see somebody else’s near-death experience, rather, I was happy cause they finally turned the spotlight back to her and her insecurities (watching her deal with Derek gets old sometimes). I wondered if she actually died, what would be of the series? Would it be turned into Bailey’s Anatomy pulak? Takpun Shepherd’s? Or O’Malley’s?

6) I found a very cool Chinese song with a Malay remix called ‘Siapa’ by Danny Wan. We could find a tamil song with a Malay slot (the goyang, goyang, goyang kepala song. Very upbeat. :D) and here’s another chinese song with a Malay chorus. But for the life of me I’ve never listened to any Malay song which includes the other native languages as a slot. Not even one word. Why is that? 

7) And did you see the moon turning red last night? It was breathtaking. But of course, serves as a reminder that the end is so very near. And male frogs turn into the double-X gender due to excessive pollution. I wonder if the same were to occur to the homo sapien species, the market sale of dildo would so be over the roof. Good business.

8) And did you see the Arsenal vs Blackburn the other day? And Terry blacked out in the middle of the field. Damn. I always miss the exciting games. And Liverpool signed Voronin last month. Let’s hope this Ukrainian kicks more backside than his predecessor, Shevchenko.

Alright. That was my crapping for the day. Have a nice week 😀


6 thoughts on “Random Galore

  1. Eddie says:

    waaa..kagum arr ngan semangat muhibbah ko..reminds me when aku kat sekolah menengah dulu2…i would rather hang out with other races then mine..time tuu, different races in my gang tak pernah menjadi issue plus we actually kamcing gile2…till this moment..hahhahah

  2. jasmin says:

    hey.. i drop by to say hi.

    anyway just so you know, i am very sorry for the *ahem* misunderstanding of our dear little friend. anyway, love or hate either you and me is still an obsession right? and i am happy to say and see for myself, nobody has been bugging our life like it’s so interesting.

    oh.. i totally get you about paediatrics. it just breaks your heart. i saw a patient here who had retinoblastoma and well prognosis is really bad. we were crying our eyes out when we heard him screaming in pain during wound dressing. sigh..

    very panjang lah my comment. anyway, take care k? i do worry bout that friend of ours disturbing you again.

  3. oi minah! don’t u update anymore?
    anyway, if you get a chance to watch The Secret, do watch.. it’s amazingly interesting. been applying it ever since. hehe… i think you can get it here http://www.thesecret.tv/

    Muaz burnt the DVD for me. Been helpful and motivating.. Later, babe!

  4. LaiLy says:

    eddie: hehhe, thanks i supposed? but i dont gather the same reaction like yours from some others, but i guess that happens right? multiracialism is one of God’s greatest gift so why not cherished it. this world would be so bapakla bosan if all of us are malays. then we’d be eating nasik lemak je for breakfast for the rest of our lives. sometimes we need to wake up to pau kacang or chapati too to bring different views to our lives, yes?

    amaL: weyh, update dah la ni. kofkoff. sumpah tuh kasut. nanti aku balek mesia aku tunjuk kat ko. what’s up with the secret thingy? looks fishy 😛

    jasmin: hey there you. hehhe, been fine from this side of the world. that friend has dropped off the earth surface it seems. not like i’m giving a toss to his existence 😀 anyway, i feel you regarding the retinoblastoma kid. ack, i won’t know how to keep a straight and unfeeling face when i see that kid screaming in pain. so pediatrics is a no-no to both of us, yes?

    and yeah, you take care too 🙂

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