Karena Saya Malas

I wish I could brag about flying to Paris and had dinner there with Eiffel Tower in the background. I wish I could say that I was sent off for a rescue mission to Angola. I wish my days are lined with a lot of adrenaline-pumping, exciting activities, namun malangnya, the only reason I have for not updating is: kerana saya malas.

I think I run out of words kot.

Anyway, when I’m not out doing anything James Bond would be jealous of, I’ve been sitting here on my piku watching endless jdramas, kdramas, movies, animes, bla bla bla, even a few slots of malay dramas. Oh yeah, baby. You read that right. One of them is the TV9 flick, Cinta Medik. Gawd, how I put up with 40 minutes of bad script, merepek nyer medic student life pun aku tak tau. Bosan sangat gamaknya. I have a lot to kutuk actually, but hey, I continued watching, didn’t I?

When I got bored of dramas, I actually did this:


Thanks to Amal, now I know I share the same pout with Amisha Patel. Yeslahh! 😛

Then, when I feel too clueless about the going-ons in the world, I go and read my daily dose of news. I had the shock of my life when a respectable Islamic scholar, Datuk Hasan Din disclosed a statement urging women to don chastity belt to prevent rape and incest. Apakah?? One party even had the gall to recommend a website specialising in designing chastity belts; made of fur, real thick leather, the jazz. Funny. I’m laughing. If the law is even so much to be taken into consideration, that’s it, confirm aku tak balik Mesia.

Then saya juga telah banyak membaca. Lotsa lotsa story books. And shamefully one of them happened to be a graphic one. Hahha, not my fault cause Rosvinder was the one who was so kind as to lend me. Because I’m bored, let me give you the list of my bahan bacaan:

1) False Impression by Jeff Archer. I feel so much more educated about Romanian political history now.

2) The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans. Okay lah. So So. But I like the whole tough guys in the wilderness idea, insert a few love innuendos in it, so I’m game.

3) Jackdaws by Ken Follett. Syitt, cerita ini sangat best ok? Tells a story of a woman, an agent of the British Intelligence, participating in the Resistance during World War II in France. The whole 40’s setting is very sexy, mungkin kerana I like the while retro getback and I kept on imagining the heroine punya muka like Audrey Hepburn. Very fast paced and very engaging. I was overwhelmed by how much women contributed to the war, tapi honestly sapa-sapa pun never acknowledged it before. Well, Flick Clairet and Florence Nightingale, you guys are my heroes.

4) Show & Tell by ntah, aku don’t bother to ingat. A story of a high-powered journalist trying to crack his latest cover story: Tantric Sex. Sekian sahaja ulasan buku ini dari saya.

5) The Ring by Danielle Steel. I haven’t actually finished this one cause well, the melodrama of a cheating wife plus forbidden love was too much for me to bear… That I fell asleep reading it. I promise I’d get back to it. Right.

6) On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clark. Puan Clark ialah seorang pati yang sangat pandai bercerita dan menganyam plot. I’d be damn if I could be a granny like her too later in life. Well, as expected from Mrs. Clark, this one is another psychological thriller, nothing short of an entertaining read, keeping you thumbing the page for more. But other than that, it lacks the extra knowledge and information that I always look for in a book. Tapi tak mengapa, an afternoon well spent and I had no regrets reading it.

I have a lot of new luffs too. I’ve been listening to Anya Marina a lot lately. And the reggae, 80’s mix of Gwen Stefani‘s latest album The Sweet Escape is luff too.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, kerana finally I’d would have a reason to drag my piku out of this apartment after two days of holing up to go to makan besar with my classmates. Which reminds me:

Xinnian Kuaile, ni men! Gong Xi Fa Chai! 😀


6 thoughts on “Karena Saya Malas

  1. naz says:

    Cinta Medik TV tu I watched for beberapa minit je. And then I decided I couldn’t put up with it. I guess once dah tgk Grey’s Anatomy, everything else fails into comparison.

    Cuti for how long cik adik manis?

  2. Amal says:

    Hahhahaa.. Cinta Medik? U wouldnt wanna watch it next to me, babe. Mulut aku x berenti mengutuk ko tau.. kui kui kui.. False Impression? I bought Ben that book. I haven’t read it myself. Hehehe..

  3. mynn says:

    hulloo!! lamer tak drop by…anyway i got some suggestion for book reading.

    if you’re into dan brown, then you’ll definitely love steve berry..there are four of it…almost the same plot but with a twist that keeps you wanting for more

    the historian, if you’re into vampires, but with a romantic spin set across europe

    the thirtenth tale for a dark mysterious tale about twins

    and if you want to gain knowledge thru reading, sophie’s world..because its a freaking textboook spunned into a stroybook

    hehe..cam advertisemen jer
    but hope it helps!

    happy hols! i’m assuming you’re having one

  4. LaiLy says:

    naz: mana ada cuti nyahhh. buat2 cuti je 😀

    amaL: kofkoff. takpe, aku join sesi mengutuk anjuran ko tuh. you should give false impression a try. typical archer’s but fast-paced and enjoyable like always 🙂

    mynn: whoaaa, banyak tuhhh. i think im gonna give the historian a try. i googled it up, mcm interesting je. thank you, mynn!

  5. yuni says:

    oy byk seyh baca buku!~ aku tgh baca my sister’s keeper,first time aku try baca drama..slalu aku suka thriller.tapi that book not bad a~ cite pasal anak dia nak sue the parents for “creating” her only to harvest sumsum n macam2 utk kakak dia yg leukimia~ huhu..

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