Defining Stupidity

Two afternoons ago I came to the sad realization that I am indeed a very very gullible girl. The lesson didn’t come cheap too; it costs me my precious 50 bucks! (Okay, maybe it sounds too outrageous to be putting bucks there, for 50 grivens does not come close at all to 50 dollars. But you get my drift, money is still after all, money).




After coming back from the practical at the obstetric department, I wanted nothing more than to sleep the afternoon away. So when somebody came ringing the doorbell, I ignored it. We are not exactly friendly with the neighbors and all my housemates bring the own sets of keys to class. Must be another prankster, tak pun saja je nak suruh sign petition mende la, ada neighborhood meeting la, you get the picture.


Then it rang the second time almost an hour after. Grunting, I heaved myself off the makeshift bed and pergi la bukak pintu, to reveal a middle-aged man in his trench coat with the saddest-looking pair of eyes. He went:


“Young lady, I’ve been knocking door to door to collect money to pay for my mother’s hospital bills. I have to collect another 30 grivens to check her out. I promise I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”


30 grivens? Okay. That’s a lot of money for a starving student like me, ok? At least boleh makan plov barang 6 kali.


But yes, the doe-like eyes, plus the hospital-bills story kinda got me going, I pushed the ‘you’re being scammed!’ voice out of my head and settled to offer him 10 grivens. Sorry dude, you just have to knock on several more doors.


Lagipun I could only see 5 and 2 griven notes in his hands, so kire my 10 grivens ni okay la kan?


I told him I’d be back, closed the door and masuk bilik to hunt for my purse.

Only to find out I only have 50 and 100 notes left. No 10s or even 20s whatsoever.


But he really did look pitiful.


Sighing, I pulled a 50-griven note out, clenched it in my fist and opened the front door again. I asked if he had change. I felt kinda stupid nak sedekah tapi nak mintak balik change but 50 is 50, man. Cheapskate or not 50 is my duit makan for a week. And my parents do not have a money plantation in our backyard.


He pouted and shook his head.

Oh yeah? Dalam tangan ko tu apa? Kertas tikam ke?


“I really need the money. Please,” so he pleaded.


I was so much as lifted my hand to tap on the door when he saw the purple tinge of 50-griven notes sticking out from my fist. He terus tugged the note out okay? No kidding.

So tak payah go into detail lah. Basically I was robbed in front of my own doorstep.


Oh, he did promise to return the next day. Iye iye je cakap at least 50 he can use it for duit teksi.


Seeing I was fighting a losing battle (I have my whole rumah behind me I had to think about. What if he wanted to charge in?), I relented, masuk rumah, tutup pintu and stared at the wall.


I think it took me nearly 5 minutes before I started blinking and was on the verge of ramming my head against the wall.


Sure, that was absolutely not one of my brightest moments. I wonder what happened to 4 years of college education during that particular time period.


So today somebody pressed the doorbell again. Guess who I saw through the peeking hole? He really has impeccable timing; both times I was alone, without my housemates to rationalize my thoughts and back me up from stupidity being ensued.


He said he came yesterday, but I wasn’t home. Hmm, maybe. I was still at hospital kot. I just waited for him to sua balik my 50 grivens.


Instead he said, “Do you have change for 50? Cause my mom only has a single 100 note.”


Are you telling me you panjat all the way naik 5th floor to my house, just to get the change from me and return back with the 100 note? Is he practicing to enter stair-a-thon? What the hell is his sick mom doing with the money in the first place? Playing monopoly with it? Kalau betul ada, show it to me lah, why didn’t you bring it with you? So I told him to piss off (hahha, I wish! But I didn’t L) and come again with the cold hard cash instead of another spin of lies. (Actually I told him come again with the change, I’d be home all day. Lame, I know.)


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


7 thoughts on “Defining Stupidity

  1. Salamun aleykum,
    I have similiar memories. 😉
    Don’t worry! You are not alone in this world.
    Your attitude is very humanistic.
    50 hryvnas is absolutely nothing here in Simferopol.
    If you realy want to forget that I can give you 50.


  2. eita says:

    Akak teringat balik a few years back. Ada orang afghan datang minta sedekah kat pejabat. Org kasi RM10 tak mahu. Dia nak RM50… Tokey balak boleh la kasi banyak2… Mula macam tak nak, tapi amik gak duit tu dengan muka yang tak usah ceritalah, masam masam cuka. Besoknya, ada org lain pulak yg datang. Tapi mmg surelah geng2 dia tu jugak. Kitaorg tak buka grill kali ni. Org tu marah dekat kitaorg sebab tak nk layan dia, sampaikan dia pukul2 grill tu.. eeiii..

  3. LaiLy says:

    amal: cute? gugu. i lost 50bucks ko kate cute? 😦

    timur: waalaikumsalam. oh well, i am not so well-off considering i’m a struggling student, plus it was my parents’ money, and i feel bad about being scammed. but thank you for the humanistic remark. i’d like to think that i’m one, but guess i failed miserably eh? 🙂

    yuni: huhu. tu laa pasallll 😦

    kat eita: haik? siap main demand2 ye manusia2 afghan ni? masya Allah…

    kulbun: not talking to you. hmph.

  4. omg laily!! in d first place u shudn’t hv give the guy the money in d first place!! mana tau dia nk rompak ur house or something?? secondly always have, ALWAYS have small change lying around in case u need em! and third, if I were u i’ll follow him to go to kedai runcit to change the money!! at least i’ll get back d money!

    but in d end, if i were u (again) i’ll just give him 10 grievens sbb kesian .. tah2 betul2 miskin ke kan..

    then again, kalau budak pompuan cute yg datang with big huge puppy eyes i’ll easily give 50 free hahhaa..

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