Every Young Woman’s Battle

I have just finished reading the second volume of this book. It’s actually an adaptation of the Bible verses on Christianity view on sexual integrity. Honestly, it’s an interesting read. It’s an easy reading about practising faith, and the writer has such a way with words that can easily capture her reader’s attention. I wish there are more writers like this coming from the Islamic world. To write something about our beloved religion, especially dedicated to youngsters and adolescents and delve deeper into their worlds in order to grasp an understanding about them. Insya Allah, if given the chance, maybe I’d be one of the writers ūüėÄ


I found this over the net. Kawa-ii dak?

Anyway, I believe in being a young woman, I face a constant battle with everything that revolves around me.

1) setting my priorities straight. When I should really be going over my class notes, I’d be tempted to click on the browser and waste time on the net.¬†I’ve been thinking about going to that wushu class again, but of course me being a lazy bum,¬†I don’t think it’s going to happen soon. The same about doing laundry. Yeah, today’s¬†the weather a lil bleak, maybe I should postpone it till next week. No wonder I’m out of¬†clean socks.

2) Alahai duit.¬†That was our usrah topic for yesterday.¬†To some, money is the answer to everything. Maybe not entirely true. But if we are destitute, there’s not much to do but¬†yearn for some money, right?¬†Especially when there are mouths to feed. Clothes to buy. Roof to keep. For a young woman like me, you can’t believe how shallow I’d be if I’m left to the last¬†griven on the month. I’d feel antsy. Bagaimanakah saya hendak membeli samosa¬†dengan duit singgit ni?¬†There are moments I’d regret spending a fortune on the new winter jacket, or polishing up half of¬†my weekly¬†allowance on the new¬†jeans. But it happened.¬†The only thing I could do next time is self restrain. Which is pretty laughable considering.

3) Of graduating. It may not seem much,¬†but so far of my 22 years of life, being a medical student is the biggest sacrifice from my side. 6 years of books and done with life. While most of my batchmates are graduating¬†and securing job offers as¬†we speak, I’m still slaving my sleeping time to the likes of Robbins & Cotrans¬†and Kumar & Clark. ¬†

4) Being the cool girlfriend. I used to think that I am fiercely loyal to all of my friends. I tried to bring out the best in them, as what they have done to me. Being a friend means complementing each other. Always being there having their backs when the world seems a little bit too cruel. But nowadays I find myself straying away from everything that can get me emotionally attached. Maybe I’m drained from feeling feelings. I do not know.

5) of gluttony. Whether I should really go for the second helping. I seriously detest the taste of Vanilla Coke and Balance Walls Ice Cream, so there’s not much to do but stick to the original sugar-loaded flavour.

6) on being charming. Being¬†the only¬†daughter in my family, I feel the responsibility to please everybody around me. To be the perfect daughter and the perfect sister. It’s hard to even conjure the image of being a 24/7 sunshine in my head, let alone living it.

Sometimes we young women tend to appear superficial. We argue about ice cream flavours, which¬†actor is cuter or whether the stilettos are IT.¬†But underneath the make up and fake smiles, we do have some real issues to tend to. Koffkoff. *Cracks* ūüėÄ


3 thoughts on “Every Young Woman’s Battle

  1. fatihah says:

    wat book ??? hehee.. boh la title weih.

    yup, it’s a constant struggle in every areas u’ve touched upon.about setting yr priorities right, setting things straight for yrself n others, it’s a tough workout sometimes.. nevertheless, we aint giving it up.

    there are times u just feel so worn out n felt like letting the whole world plunge, then the lil voice in u doesnt allow u to. just remember, u are not obliged to carry the weight of the globe on yr shoulder. kita buat sekadar termampu. *eh, ter-emo kah diriku* hahaaa…

    on 2nd helpings – GO FOR IT!live life. *cheers* lol-ajaran sesat..

    oh when i see the itik – so youuuuuu.. hahaa

    p/s:yati tanya awat dia msg hang tak dpt?

  2. kak tiha: hehhe… thank u for the words of wisdom. n the itik looks more like u lah! sebab tuh i put it there ūüėõ i dunno, kat sini i dpt my mom’s sms ok je. and the tajuk buku tuh is the title of the entry lah ūüėÄ

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