Adoi. Here I am again at loss for words. I’ve never been very good at being quiet, so I have to channel my thoughts elsewhere. I feel the urge to harbour profanities at the TV, tapi of course, ape salah TV?

Disappointing. I wasted two hours of my tido to only witness a draw. The first 30 minutes of the game passed by uneventfully. The game was dragging and painfully slow, and there wasn’t any attempt at all coming from Chelski. Cam ape je. I freaking dozed off on the couch. I have to admit that Man U put up quite a fight, they played brilliantly especially evident in Rooney’s attempt of a long shot, and incessant attacks from Ronaldo and Giggs. Heart attack aku kejap nengok the ball angling nicely for the goal but thankfully saved by Cudicini. Tapi last-last Saha yang score. Very the lawak.

And of course that was enough reason to clamp my mouth shut. And of course that gave enough reason for Eid to feel intrigued and come out to the living room to check whether I was still breathing or not.

Siyot nyer budak. Once she saw the score and the replayed goal, she burst out laughing. She dashed back into her room only to come out parading a Man U pencil. Wahhahha. “Takde jersey, tayang pensel pun jadik.” *Pouts*. Blah aa!


Easily the guy which has the highest rank on my ‘Who gets to eat my shoeprint’ list.

Pastuh Ronaldo buat lawak apam dia konon injured. Bagero sungguh. Terer naa hang berlakon, free ja Cole dapat kad. Arghhhh!! Benci!!

By the 70 something minute, Chelsea tried to make amends with its supporters by scoring an even goal. Who would have thought? Carvalho? Mourinho wasted 17 millions on Sheva and Ballack (eh, I think this guy came free but nevertheless, buang duit je bayar gaji and tambang kapatobang seme) and apa dia dapat? Sheva hasn’t even neared 5 goals this season. Memang worthless nak mampus. Tak membantu langsung. Served him right to be substituted. Balek kampung maen ngan Dinamo Kiev la weyh!

I wonder what happened to Drogba. Hmm.

The apology is not glitzy enough. Enough of pre-arranged matches. Enough of grudges and vendettas. Can’t we have a clean game for once? Too much to ask for, eh?

*Gasp*. I realise I’m having too much free time in hand. Maybe I should go and sweep the dry leaves in the yard or something. The problem is, I’m living on the 5th floor. *Sigh* I need a yard.


5 thoughts on “Kekuciwaan

  1. fatihah says:

    hahahaa.. i CANNOT relate AT ALL to this post. was goin ‘huh’, ‘eh’, ‘urgh’, ‘oohh’ ???&^&$$^???

    lol.. yeah, get a yard.. =p

  2. hehhehe.. takpe, just venting my anger somewhere. i was extremely pissed with mourinho beyond belief.

    oo, u cuti ek?? very dengki!! heh, online2 laa slalu n entertain a bored child yar 😛

  3. NoRE says:

    opss..i was pissed with the way they played, tapi x marah my abg mourinho pon..hahahaha..and yeah,sheva mcm x wujud langsung that nite,statik je kat atas tu..memg nyampah tgk style dia main..

  4. nore: wahhaha, u should, u know. he’s been scheming just to satisfy his vendetta. ada ke sanggup kalah ngan werder bremen just to make sure barca could catch up in order for him to avenge his loss last season? all sorts of klakarness. i think both barca n chelski ended up in the same group A pun must be mourinho’s doing. not that im saying bremen tak bagus, tp heck. damn, i nak sepak somebody laa…

    napi: as in abg napi smsk ke? huhu, how did u find me?? welcome 😀 yeah, im considering that as an option if med school goes awry. hahha, touch wood.

    glory glory man u? boleh blahhhhh. hahhaha

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