Wajah Kesayangan Hamba

Edited: Let us hold our hands together in a pray that Man United will fall flat on their butts today and Chelski will reign the match. Amin.  

Saya sangat kangen dengan rumah hari ni. The chaos, the hiruk-pikuk (eh, aren’t they both the same?) and the homey feeling it provides. Saya nak balik umah sekarang boleh?

One of the things that I miss so much about being home is lepaking with my bros and kakak ipar at the mapley. I remember that particular night; Merdeka eve. I was bugging my bro and sis in-law about this bag I saw in Sg. W/a/n/g earlier that day. I so wanted to have the bag, like pronto, (take note of my ditzy sentences whenever shopping is concerned) so they entertained me by driving me to KL.


(Congrats you two. Sorry la lama baru naik gambaq :D)

Have I mentioned that I love naik kete with my bros? I think I’d been on 360 a total of four times with these two maniacs. A wonder how my limbs are still intact and my heart is still beating without any arrhythmic pathology. I even survived a 720 with Fendy, on the Midvalley flyover, close to midnight, and let me tell you that was one of the memories I don’t want to revisit.

So yeah, I just stuffed my face with Pasar Malam food, so bouncing from one corner of the Gen2 to the other end as he swiftly assembled his Hikmat Menitik Orang Peringkat ke 6 was not really my cup of tea. I would have enjoyed it on empty stomach. Sometimes I question my sanity as I could still hum to the radio even as the meter showed 180. Being on a rollercoaster ride pales in comparison with riding with my brothers.

Saya sampai di Sg. Wang dengan muka kehijauan. Tetapi saya pedulik hape kerana dalam otak saya cuma ada beg baldu cokelat yang sangat cun itu.

After shopping, we walked aimlessly around Bukit Bintang. Ate dinner in the form of Nasik Ayam (that was like the second dinner of the night. Remember the Pasar Malam food?). It was packed since midnight was only a few strokes away. Celebrating Merdeka in Bukit Bintang is overrated (or so we thought) so we ditched the Golden Triangle in pursuit of a calmer, sanity-preserved place to enjoy the firecrackers.

I don’t know when I started to become a sucker for firecrackers. Such a girly thing, but heck, I’m a girl, so screw. Let me have my girly moments. 😀

Maka kami menawaf KL to find the ‘it’ spot. KL was packed to the brim, I was almost starting to regret even being out due to the impossible traffic. Fendy was being such a sport, he didn’t mind wasting minyak kereta in order to entertain my childish demand (probably because my sis in-law decided to gang in too :D). In the end we settled for a spot near the National Tomb (T/ugu N/egara) and walked a mile to the roundabout near the D/ataran M/erdeka.

Yes, I don’t mind membakar lemak for 10-minute worth of firecrackers. Sungguh gila.

The firecrackers were worth the calories burnt. I was awedddd. Hahhaha… Safe to say it couldn’t rival the ones they have here in Simferopol every New Year, but it was cun nonetheless, and it left me beaming like a geek for close to 30minutes after so yeah, Fendy rocks.

Later we enjoyed some stunts pulled by the Rempits (mats and minahs alike) as they cruised the streets of KL doing their thang. Some flew, some hopped, some freaking grinded on their bike (maybe grinding your a/s/s in the nightclub is getting old). I have nothing against them, other than respect for utmost bravery, although our country could do so much more with them channelling the said bravery into other aspects, for example, like joining the army ke.

When hooting at them got a little bit on the tiring side, we left for home. The drive home was almost too quiet, maybe because I was drained from all the shopping and laughing (yes, some major workout *rolls eyes*). Maybe it’s like an unwritten tradition we have; thou shalt not end your night outing without a proper teh tarik. So he swung by a nasik lemak stall and we had our supper (the third nasik within 5 hours, obesity alert!).

I could barely keep my eyes open (but oh, I could still manage to chow a plate of nasik lemak. Some hidden talent I guess) so my ears perked up when I heard a familiar tune coming from the next-door karaoke booth (canggih weyh Mesia skrg, kat gerai pun angpa buleh karaoke. Ada ok ka tara oke?). Fendy and Kak Hani were still oblivious as they argued about some expensive-looking handbag we saw in Guess earlier that day.

I started singing to the lyrics.

“Ingin ku milik kasih, ayu jelita…”

They stopped rattling.

“Wajah cantik berseri, sinar cahaya…”

Their eyes were about to pop off their sockets…

“Sopan santun berbudi, bergaya sederhana. Halus tutur bahasa, sungguh mulia.”

Their jaws hung open.

“Lily! Biar betik!” Followed by a cackle. Soon, it turned into a full laughter. Fendy even snorted on his ikan bilis.

I managed a sheepish grin. “Layan ok Hail Amir?”

They looked weirdly at each other and started laughing again. Maybe reanalysing the odds of a girl, who grew up listening to Axl screaming his political agenda in Civil War, having a crush with a local oldies.

Chiss. Wahhahhaha. Seb baik aku tak nyanyi lagu L. Ramlee. Kalu tak mesti dua-dua cardiac arrest. *Grins* 


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