I had a splitting headache which closely resembled that of a migraine minus all the photophobia thing. My head was pounding like Jimmy Chamberlin was having a solo in there. Bad enough that the lecturer for our new cycle decided to keep us in late, and it was already dark when I made my way to the mashrut stop. I was almost knocked out in the bus itself, kinda surprising that I made it up the five floors to my apartment and by the time I opened the door, I was ready to fall into deep coma.

The drama queen I am. A spastic brain vessel can do that to you.

So today we started a new cycle: Medical Catastrophy. I honestly had no idea whatsoever what to expect from this cycle. I bet the medical students in Malaysia or India or UK have never even heard of this cycle. Total merepekness. I can’t say the subject is totally useless (like going for Bases of Law and learning Constitutional Law of Ukraine. I don’t even know the basic principles of Malaysian Law and am being forced to swallow a foreign country’s law? Makes much sense).

The teacher came to class with two sets of gas masks. One looked almost similar to the ones the aliens wore in Starship Troopers. Why would we need a gas mask in the hospital, you ask? Well, the subject deals about medical strategies during catastophies, mishaps, natural disasters, radioactive breakout, gas poisoning and so on. So maybe the gas masks are not so out of place after all.

Teacher: What are the cons of wearing this mask?

Class: Heavy.

Teacher: others?

We entertained him while shooting off random answers, all the while trying to suppress our yawn.

Lau Kong: Allergy to rubber maybe?

Teacher: Yes. Maybe you’re allergic to condoms.

Sungguh sangat tak perlu ok? Or maybe memang ada case of p*enile rashes and urticaria that I’ve never heard of before? 😀


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