Checked: Therapy

Felt like the time flew since the last time I updated. Bukan tak nak update, but maybe yeah, I was extremely malas to rack my brain for anything interesting to write. Plus it has been ‘go to hospital, balek from hospital’ routine everyday for the past few weeks or so, don’t think I’d write down how the mashrut’s drivers were trying to compete with F1 drivers or how I find it peculiar that almost 70 different web pages share the same verbatim definition of ‘chronic cholecystitis’ that the word plagiarism is not even a vocab anymore. I’d know I’ve reached the point of ultimate boredom if I ramble non-stop about useless stuff, like exactly what I am doing right now.


I wanted to write about world peace. Thought that’d be too cliche. I guess shouting ‘stop the war’ won’t exactly make the guerillas to surrender their M16 anytime soon. I wanted to write about how our government spent 400mil RM for the new Istana thing and 600mil RM for ‘pembangunan luar bandar’. Excellent allocation and financial skills those people in Kementeri*an Ke*wangan have. When we subtract 400 from 600, we’d get 200. Oh wow. Maybe when I balik kampung this summer and see the yet-to-be-tarred gravel road, I’d be reminded of the marbles those tweed-jacket-wearing people walk on in the Istana. I’m not a hater, I’m just pulling a mathematician cuz God forbids the royals to walk on wooden panels.

The reason that I’ve got too much time in hand to ponder upon masalah negara is because I’ve just finished yet another heavy cycle; Therapy. According to seniors, therapy is the ultimate boleh-mati punya cycle since it’s a blend of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pathoanatomy, internal medicine, surgery and pharmacology blended into one. Basically all 3 years worth of education meshed into one subject plainly called Therapy. Trust me, it’s far from being bland. Therapy keeps you awake. Therapy keeps you late in hospital. Therapy keeps you anxious to meet your patients everyday. Therapy is everything you wish to stay away from if you want to keep your sleeping time at the optimal level.

On a different note, it’s refreshing to see the changes in the patients. We had a pakcik coming to the hospital panting, barely able to stand up or lie down because he was having a hard time breathing. He was wheelchair-bound when we first examined him. Diagnosis: Chronic Bronchitis. After two days with proper treatment, he was back on his two feet, which couldn’t make us any happier. I wasn’t as happy when my banana and choc cake didn’t turn out floppy. The feeling was indescribable. Nothing beats the happy faces of your patients once they are healed. I don’t even mind how poyo I’m sounding because honestly, it did feel too awesome for words.

Winter break is nearing. I spent last year’s in Malaysia. This year is going to be spent somewhere close. At least somewhere within the continent. We’ve shortlisted the possible destinations, so here goes:

a) Warsaw, Poland. This is the starting point so memang kena pergi gak apa-apa pun.

b) Naples, France

c) Rome, Italy

d) or just jalan-jalan pusing Germany. At least somewhere with free bunks so we can save up to 15euros daily 😀

e) or maybe terperap kat umah, watch reruns of OC or OTH cuz the weather will be nasty (I have a feeling it’d go down beyond -20 again this year) and down lots and lots of chai s limonam.

I think I’ll go and get high on one now.


2 thoughts on “Checked: Therapy

  1. naz says:

    Saya sangat respect dengan awak for being able to face all that sickness and death everyday. Salute to all you docs! Sure rasa macam menyelamatkan nyawa jugak kan for that pakcik? My bro has bronchitis too but alhamdulillah not chronic.

    Go to Italy! Home of the World Cup champions! Heheh. And watching reruns of The O.C and OTH is not too bad either. Considering James Lafferty is absolute hawttness! (unless you prefer the likes of the blond Chad). Tapi silalah travel selagi time permits you to and holidays not applied for 😀

  2. keje doctor tlg provide the treatment je, but the healing is all God’s doing 😀 but yes, perasaan saya masa itu sangat best. muka saya pun sangat poyo masa itu. rasa nak peluk je pakcik itu 😀

    very la the azzuri ek u? i was talking abt running into buffon or inzaghi hari tu with my fren. and in this case maybe i go for chad. i have something for blue blue eyes, ya know? 😀 saya nak ada magic wand to transform me into sophia bush boley?

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