Happy First Flakes. Not!

Seems like I’m out of words these few weeks. Things have been pretty boring, which goes great on how to describe the autumn in Simferopol. Yesterday marked the first flake of the year. Can you imagine it snowing in autumn? The snow must have been geographically-wrong.

Raya has been pretty mundane; nevertheless we were very grateful to be able to again celebrate Eid. This year the number of person invited to the open house has been narrowed down to close friends and classmates; almost 50 of them showed up, enough to leave us drained later that day.

The menu? Of course the infamous kuah kacang ala-Eid, kuah lodeh ala-everybody, nasi himpit, the limited-edition rendang and some tidbits in the form of tarts, cornflakes and kuih gunting. Maybe next year we renew the menu yer, folks.

Raya spirit? You could say it dwindled once the rain pelted our head right after Solat Raya. I spent my first raya lazing on the couch, reading some stuff for class the next day. Oh yes, we hit the phone counter right before dashing home and called several lucky people. I gotta say the best response came out from my girl Yati, who was celebrating raya in Muar. With a simple hello, she could instantly recognise me. Hahahha, touching indeed. Unfortunately couldn’t place a call to Amal since she was busy with some presentations, maybe Raya Haji eh girl?

Called my family, who were celebrating in Perlis and Kelantan respectively and was alerted of the water-level in Perlis. Nasty. Cold weather I can tolerate any day better than muddy water up my ankles. Anyway, everybody sounded happy, my big brother was in the midst of kupang (some native seafood, doubt you can find anywhere else other than Perlis and Kuala Selangor) hunting and he was making it his personal mission to get an ounce of jealousy out of me for all the food galore back home.

Safe to say, my first raya was warm under the blanket. Hahhaha.

Second raya? Well, what can I say about it other than we attended class as normal and pretended like it was not second Syawal. The facade was broken once my big brother called, happily singing Hari Raya tunes into my ears.

We threw the open house last week; back on popular demands. It was fun staying awake while waiting for the rendang to dry up by watching some Japanese dramas (o yea, the whole house is hooked with Japanese series it’s beyond me). It was worth the effort, seeing the happy faces while they gobbled up the delicious (I might say so! hahhaha) free food. Yup, in the end the satisfaction of satisfying others comes back to you.

All in all, despite the old baju kurungs and the subtraction of house member (at least for this year only, Kak Rika, you have to come back soon!), Aidilfitri was cherished and I couldn’t wait for the next one (eh, yang ni pun blom abeh kan?)


2 thoughts on “Happy First Flakes. Not!

  1. naz says:

    Embrace your rayas with your friends babe, one day you’ll look back missing it too despite juadahs yang tak complete and the absence of family 😉

    Lamanyaaaa tak sentuh snow, last sekali kat Genting, ha ha ha!

  2. eita says:

    Selamat hari raya… Kampung akak 3 days b4 raya dah banjir… lucky, umah akak air x sempat masuk… tp.. mmg gloomylah raya tahun ni… third & fouth days raya, banjir lagik… 😦

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