Ichi Rittoru No Namida

I hope it’s not too late to wish all the Quran holders and believers a Happy Nuzul Quran. A magnificent book with all the answers to the life trivia. Kudos to Yayasan Islam Terengganu for successfully producing 900plus young Qaris and Qariahs in a period of one year. And the remarkable fact about this accomplishment is that all of them are barely a decade old! I was only at Juz Amma when I was their age. But these lil munchkins have gone and made their mommies and daddies proud at the tender age of six! Sejuk perut ibu mengandung… 😀

Yesterday was the last day for the Neurological cycle. Amazing what 19 days of books and intriguing diseases made you alter your view on life after. I kinda missed the lecturer already. He has this way of making his absence felt by others, although his presence guarantees for an excruciatingly tiring and painstaking day.


To celebrate the end of such an agonizing cycle, I pampered myself with a night free of books by watching a Jdrama recommended by a friend. I seldom watch dramas as I’d become agitated and impatient waiting for the upcoming episodes. Anyway, this one is worth checking out.


1 Litre of Tears. At first, the title made me snicker. After watching the first episode, I was hooked. So I continued til the last episode (not too long, only 11 episodes). Undoubtedly, the drama did something funny to my eyes.


It’s not your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, the girl got sick and died, the boy left frustrated. It’s definitely not Dealova (thanks Nore for the spoiler, at least it saves up 2 hours of my life :D). Leukemia or brain tumor are not the only lethal diseases in the world. In fact, there are so many incurable diseases out there that should have been paid more attention to. 1 Litre of Tears is based on a true story about a teenager named Ikeuchi Aya who suffered from Spinocerebellar Ataxia/Degeneration (SCD).


It’s like karma. Neurology cycle completed with a drama about an SCD patient. During the cycle, my lecturer constantly reminded us of the possible symptoms, which sometimes can be hard to memorize. In SCD, an individual suffers an automatic degeneration of one’s cerebellum and spinal cord. Cerebellum unconsciously controls muscular tone and coordination. It supports pyramidal system, a system which is in control of our motor system. Motor system is responsible for our movements. Although our motor system is functional, without cerebellum, an individual may suffer from ataxia (loss of balance).


Etiologically, SCD may originate from abuse of alcohol. Alcohol toxins act directly on cerebellar cells causing death to the components. But in some rare cases SCD can be idiopathic, without any known origin. This disease can be the cruelest of illnesses because the patient continues deteriorating while the patient is fully conscious of everything that is happening to him/her. It starts with simple symptoms, such as losing balance easily while running, feeling tremor during writing and a sudden moment where the patient may feel temporary freezing of their body movement.


After some time, patient may develop certain gait in his/her walk to adjust the gravitational point. These changes can be a source of entertainment to others and patient most of the time refuses to go out to avoid being laughed at. Later, he/she is wheelchair bound as the limbs continue to lose their power. The tremor in upper extremities hinders patient from using spoon/fork, writing, even pointing to something can be difficult.


From limbs, the muscle weakness syndrome continues to develop which later invades the laryngeal muscles, otherwise known as the vocal chords. To utter a simple ‘ah’ can be a struggle. In later stage, weakness of epiglottis, a small muscle responsible of closure of respiratory tract during swallowing, causes choking, this may cause death of patient.


For Ikeuchi Aya, a vibrant teenager who was at the peak of enjoying her life, this illness impacted her life in more ways that we can imagine. She was only 15 when diagnosed, and the journey of fighting the disease took her 10 years. She was in constant wonder of the future, and in constant remembering of the past. To suddenly lose the ability to walk after waking up from sleep, it takes a lot to be strong and to accept the fact that she had indeed, become a disable.


Give this drama a try. Happy endings are passé, anyway. Please do not watch it on weekdays. Swollen raccoon eyes can make matching clothes to work/classes extremely difficult.

Times like this, it serves as a constant reminder of how great God’s power is.

To download this drama, click here.


7 thoughts on “Ichi Rittoru No Namida

  1. Kak Tiha says:

    ah’hah.we were talking abt this particular Jdrama too over iftar few days ago. at the same McD kat Msjd Jamek where we met K.Sya n K.Faz; only tis time was wif K.Yati. Remember em? ishk, sungguh berkesan drama ini di hati anda ye.nnt nak d/load for me mum la.

    eh, budak kecik. i cant opened the e-card u sent la. sama ada sumthg wrong wif tis pc or i’ve been deprived of internet connection for so long that i’ve lost the ‘touch’. heh

    oh ye, Selamat Hari Raya n Maaf Zahir Batin. May u hv A Blessed Eid!

  2. miss aida>> selamat hari raya to u too!

    lifeinside>> selamat hari raya mirul. same goes from me; maaf zahir batin 🙂 regarding the greetings for deepavali ke, cny ke, xmas ke, i give it to amal to explain it to u. it’s true, not all scholars are right. im sorry for following without thoroughly going thru the facts 🙂

    kak tiha>> i dah call u. skrg i nak duit raye!! tak kire!!

  3. only me says:

    can someone tell me where i can find the book? i’ve been looking for it but i can’t find it. i really want to read the book.

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