Today is a fabulous lepak-lepak rest day that I haven’t even picked up any educational book since yesterday. Trust me, it rarely happens within the neurology cycle. Lately the lecturer is too busy with a particular important patient, so he ditched us and left us with another lecturer to be tutored.

So yes, last week has been rather torturing, I felt that my brain was half-cooked by the end of the day. I could actually hear my brain sizzle, y’all. He (the lecturer) could always come up with a creative question; typical answers written in the book doesn’t satisfy him. For example, weย went ‘nucleus ruber conveys message to…’ and he went ‘stop. why is nucleus ruber is located in the superior peduncles?’ So imagine 8 mouths gaping open. He would sigh. One of my classmates was creative enough to come up with ‘because God wanted to put it there.’ So yeah, the likes. Maybe one day a baby born with a nucleus ruber located in his pancreas, then the lecturer would be happy.

Oh yes, yesterday I was enlightened by the existence of BEP’s My Humps, the Malay version. I was appalled was not the right word to describe it. I could feel the heat creeping on my cheeks when Pugunan MP3d it. It sounds more vulgar when they say it in Malay. Then I got questions from my fellow innocent Chinese classmates, ‘Laily, what is k/o/nek?’ I thought my eyeballs would pop onto the pavement. All sorts of anatomical body parts were mentioned, it felt like listening to Henry Grey talking dirty (in Malay, of course).

The lyrics was of course catchy, like the original tunes, and Lau Kong was bopping his head to the sound in the class, as if sentences ‘the boys they want to g/a/ruk, selalu nak k/o/cok’ are your everyday halwa telinga. I don’t even know what g/a/ruk means, ok? I’m not even sure if it’s explicit.

I wonder who the ‘Fergie’ and the lyricist are. Kreatif nye ngko ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe you could write FURB versi Malay pulak. I wonder how it’d sound like.

Selamat puasa mata dan puasa telinga dan puasa segala-galanya (as a self-reminder :D)


7 thoughts on “Wussahhhh

  1. Salam…

    1) Aku dah pindah kat hostel dear laily just in case u haven’t noticed hehe. 5th hostel B wing 824. Tapi takde bilik terbuke kot sebab cam messy gile je huhu.

    Serik kot duk kuartira takleh tahan ngan khazaika aka babi bergerak.

    2) Selamat berbuka/bersahur (hope it’s not too late) dan kim salam kat hosmet sekalian.

    3) Semoga ramadhan kali ini membawa berkat dan seribu kerahmatan, Insya-Allah.

    P/s: nak join usrah camno weih?

  2. miss aida n nore>> sure thing. let me have ur email handy. ๐Ÿ˜€

    mirul>> sorry for the late feedback. but i’ve informed the person in-charge. seems like the guys’ usrah is not active. but u can always join the tazkirah n tadarus. selamat berbuka/bersahur to u too ๐Ÿ˜€

    mynn>> heading there right away! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Raycad says:

    Hello there, just saw your site. Nice and neat…

    I was searching for this Malay version for some time now and couldn’t get it. Will be very glad if you could mail it to me…

    Thanks in advance!!!

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