Day 1

The first Ramadhan and we woke up for Sahur only 30 minutes before Subuh. Good thing all 3 of us have a talent for devouring and gobbling up our food in a blink of an eye, so it was no biggy at all.

The entire house are infected by some kind of a bug. I started sneezing like crazy (tahap buleh dengar from 5th to 1st floor), Masy started downing loads and loads of water while Eid even dragged her comforter to the kitchen. Even the spaghetti sauce smelled like formaline-treated cadaver to me (consuming the food was done without any difficulty tho despite the smell). “Weh, rasa sakit tekak tak?” went Masy. Both nodded. Dugaan pertama bulan puasa. But Insya Allah with the newly-bought Vitrum in the cabinet (gaya hampeh je aku nak ingat makan vits hari-hari), all of you orthomyxovirus boleh blah. Prophylaxis is indeed always better than cure, eh? And makan sebijik dragee vit daily is better than downing 2 caps of Amantadine 3times/daily. Yeah, and the one talking takes 3 years to finish one bottle of vits.

During usrah, we were reminded of the true meaning of fasting. Not only hindering ourselves from food and drink, but also the ngumpating, cuci-mata-ing, talking idlely about benda-benda yang lagha and takde makne. While we were discussing this, Eid and Masy were looking directly at me while grinning macam budak tak betul. “Abeh la Laily lepas ni kuar umah tak leh cuci mata tengok cleavage orang lagi,” said the ever-eloquent Eid. Wahhahha… Was that seriously necessary?? Oh yes, don’t worry, I’m still straight πŸ˜‰

But she has a point tho. Summer has not ended yet. To turn around on your seat in the bus and find somebody’s exposed cleavage staring right into your face, don’t tell me you don’t find the slightest urge to not turn away and stare? Yes, maybe my naqibah would be among the rare 3% of whom who would turn away quickly at the err, frightful sight, but come on, admit it when it happens to the rest of us who fall into the 97% category, it would at least take you 3 seconds to look away. Right?

Seb baek aku tak tersembam je into that makcik‘s b/r/east when the bus pulled the emergency brake. *shudders*

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I am one of the 97%. πŸ˜€

Selamat beriftar, rakan-rakan.


5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. naz says:

    I also belong to 97% category… how can one not lah kan? Can’t exactly blame men I guess. Heheh.

    Selamat berpuasa to you LaiLy… may this Ramadhan bring many many blessings to us all.

  2. mynn says:

    lailyyy!! lamer tak dgr citer..hehe anyway..selamat berbuka puasa! i’ll eat all those lovely stuff here in malaysia for you eh? πŸ˜€

  3. eita says:


    Lamanya tak menjenguk, dah tukar blog rupenya… πŸ˜€ terlambatlah plak… krg akak up8 link laily kt blog…
    anyway, just nk wish selamat berpuasa & salam ramadhan.. take care…

  4. nore>> waduh, itu pedih banget begitu. u nak suro i buat misscall wake up alarm ke? ala-ala berchenta gitu πŸ˜›

    naz>> my God, u’re one of us too? u’re too baek to be one la, naz πŸ˜€ but yeah, cant blame em men bila kite pompuan yang bagi diorg jamu mata πŸ˜€ slmt berpuasa to u too n amin to that πŸ™‚

    mynn>> thank u eh, mynn. apa lak tlg mkn, tlg la antar skali πŸ˜€

    kak eita>> waalaikumsalam. jemputla ke umah baru πŸ˜€ slmt berpuasa to akak also. u taking care oso aa…

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